Wednesday, April 20, 2011

hyacinths and raw lasagna

our hyacinths are in full bloom, and boy do they smell nice!

two were toppling over, so i brought them inside. one is decorating my desk...

and the other's in the kitchen.

the ramekin raw lasagna i prepared yesterday worked like a dream. carmella's fabulous recipe from delightfully raw filled four ramekins, with just enough pesto, tomato sauce and spinach leftover for four pizzas. i doubled my cashew cheese recipe instead (carmi's calls for raw macadamia nuts, which i can't find) and felt the lasagna could have used a tad more nut meat, though i did steal some for "sausage" pizza topping last night.=)

upon arriving home today i popped the lasagna ramekins in the dehydrator at 110 degrees, and in two hours they were ready to go.

eggplant caponata topped my garden salad, and johnny boy sauteed asparagus in garlic and olive oil. (garden update coming soon!)

needless to say, my nose and belly are very happy today. i hope yours are too!=)


  1. They flowers are very pretty!

  2. Okay this looks totally delish. I will have to try it. I love your flowers they are so beautiful. That is such a soft shade of pink.!

  3. thanks sasha! i would have liked to have shown what the inside of the lasagna looked like... maybe next time.=)

  4. Wow does that food look good! Your flowers are breathtaking.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  5. I'm a big fan of pink flowers; the hyacinths are gorgeous, especially against your robin egg wall.

    My husband went crazy over Carmella's lasagna recipe. The last time I made it he shared it with a high school student at school and he (the student) actually asked for the recipe!

  6. Oh god, I love hyacinths! Can't wait to see mine in bloom! And I'd definitely love raw lasagne. Lovely pictures!

  7. Another creative smash posting from Kelli! The lasagna looks great and the hyacinths are beautiful.

  8. Again, I am hungry after reading your posts.

  9. Beautiful hyacinths!!! I love spring flowers:)

    As for the lasagna! Sounds amazing!

  10. I so wish you could cook for me! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Oh yum!! The post before this one too! Makin' me hungry.
    Love the flower photos too. Gorgeous.
    PS You "quack" me up too!! :)

  12. What a pretty meal. The presentation is awesome. Love how you made the lasagna in a ramekin.

  13. I love hyacinths! Beautiful smell and so pretty! That meal looks delicious!

  14. I love the idea of putting lasagna into a ramekin.

    the flowers are beautiful!

  15. I have a hyacinth in my room too! It's purpley. :-)

    Beautiful lasags... will def check that recipe out!

    Btw - if you want raw macs, message me. I can send you some. :-)


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