Tuesday, April 19, 2011

today's eats

for lunch i threw together a really yummy salad of cooked chick peas, artichoke hearts and sun-dried tomatoes over spiralized zucchini ribbons with olive oil, hemp seeds and black pepper. (breakfast was coffee and raisins, and no, i wasn't trying to make myself go number two!=)

as a mid-afternoon snack, i enjoyed one of my favorite green smoothies: banana, strawberry, apple, lemon, kale and chia seeds.

this evening i made raw meals for the rest of our busy week - lasagna, eggplant caponata and pizza. the pizza we had tonight was made using leftover ingredients from the lasagna, which was pretty convenient. i stored the lasagna in four ramekins so we can get two easy dinners out of it.

raw eggplant caponota minus olives, capers and celery, but still yummy!

mushroom and "sausage" pizza

pesto, cashew cheese, raw tomato sauce and spinach

a local supermarket was going out of business and i decided to stop in just to see what they had. they must have known i was coming because they saved one big container of the most delicious, soft medjool dates, marked seventy percent off! john and i stuffed some with walnuts and pecans for a sweet bedtime snack. yum!=)

what did you have for your bedtime snack?=)


  1. those dates are calling my name. i hate a hard date, soft ones are perfect.

    looks like a lovely raw day.

  2. Do you just use a veg peeler to make the ribbons?

  3. You ate like a queen today! Everything looks so beautiful. Thanks for the link to the caponata recipe; I have an eggplant kicking around and wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it.

    No bedtime snacks for me- I'm trying to finish eating three hours before bed.

  4. Yummy! I really love these pictures of delicious food! For bedtime snack I had...mmm...an apple, I think.

  5. Everything looks so good. What a score on the dates. Dont you just love when you hit things just right.

  6. No bedtime snack here, but I am really impressed with how healthy you eat. I went to a raw food seminar, but I haven't applied what I learned too well, I enjoy cooking and since it was winter I enjoyed the warmth in my food. Summer is coming though and that means more salads and fresh fruit, yes!


  7. Looks great---I would gobble that up, except for the chick peas, of course.

    As for what did I have for a bedtime snack? Nothing at bedtime, but at 2:30 AM I was up and into the refridgerated tuna salad. Oh yeah, babe....

  8. that eggplant dish looks really good! Bedtime snacks...usually peanut butter on toast :)

  9. Wow, everything looks so good! The chickpea salad looks particularly d-lish!

  10. bitt, ugh, hard dates are the worst!

    katrina, i used my spiralizer.

    kt, thanks! i've tried that no eating three hours before, but i get so hungry i can't sleep!=)

    lela, i eat a lot of apples for bedtime snacks, though tonight i blended frozen bananas, peanut butter, cacao powder and dates for a yummy shake!=)

    thanks cosmic!

    jane, i almost did a happy dance when i found them.=)

    brenda, you caught me on a good day.=) i enjoy cooked food in the winter, too. it's much easier to eat raw in the summer!

    clint, chick peas are delicious... with some olive oil and salt... mmm! ha, it's been a while since i woke up for midnight snacks. i guess that's because my bedtime snack does the trick.=)

    thanks kirsten. it is good - my friend's picky cat agrees.=) pb with anything makes a fantastic anytime snack!

    heidi, thanks love!


  11. Wow, I am going to have to refrain from reading blogs during my juice fast b/c I will be soooo wanting some great raw food dishes like yours!!!
    Peace and Raw Health,

  12. I've been eating yogurt again... that's been my bedtime snack mixed with raw honey and walnuts. There's nothing more comforting than crunching down on wallies. But I'm starting to get tired of yogurt... if it's Greek, then it's worth the dairy intake. Regular yogurt is too blech.

    I want to make EVERYTHING you have here. Amazing!


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