Monday, April 18, 2011

for mom-mom

mom-mom and me, halloween 1981

this post is a tribute to my mom-mom, eleanor. she passed five years ago today. when i think of mom-mom i remember a strong yet gentle women with a knack for cooking and crafting. she took care of me as a sick girl with the flu when my mom had to go to work and taught me how to cross-stitch. she made me and my cousins (all 13 of us) amazing christmas stockings and a handmade easter basket each year. she was quite a mom-mom.

my sister krista in front of our stockings, homemade with love

she was soft and cuddly, just as a grandma should be. she loved sports, especially her phillies, and knew more about them than most men. more than anything she loved her family and was overjoyed when her grandchildren came to visit.

the grandkiddies (minus brittany and kimberly who were born a little later) at a family reunion, in '86 or '87 i believe.

the family she and my grandpop created

my mom-mom and i had a special kind of bond. she was hard of hearing and i was a mumbler, so there wasn't much verbal communication between us. but ours was a genuine, unspoken love; we would hug and kiss and smile and laugh, and that was our beautiful relationship.=)

my mom-mom's giggle was as delightful as a wind chime dancing in a warm breeze. what's wonderful is her sons have a similar infectious laugh that remind me of her.

mom-mom with two of her five children, my dad, craig and her youngest, tommy

eleanor was a woman of strong faith, and i learned after her passing that the serenity prayer was one of her favorites. the prayer card from her service is on my dresser; i read it when i'm struggling.

when mom-mom passed, she was not afraid. she was certain she would go on to be with her husband and daughter, ellen joy, and others who went before her. she is greatly missed, but as her conviction showed me, we will all meet again, some sweet day.=)


  1. I love heart-felt emotions of love. I,too,miss my grandparents---I was so lucky to have known them all. God bless, Kelli.

  2. What a sweet post kell! I really enjoyed reading it! Hope to see you soon!

  3. I can see where you get your artistic talent. It lives on in you.

  4. Lovely post! Reminds me of my grandmother.

  5. Beautiful post, straight from the heart! The serenity prayer has helped me many times in my life. Good stuff.

  6. You should've warned me I'd need tissues! What a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to a special woman in your life. It's apparent she touched many and is greatly missed. Thanks for sharing - I grew up without grandparents so the fondness you have and the relationship you had make me wish even more I had them here to share our lives with.

  7. thanks for your sweet comments, everyone!=)


  8. This is a beautiful post. I just lost my mom last year so this post is close touches my heart. It looks like you have great memories of your mom. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Oh my, that was so lovely. You are so lucky to have had that type of relationship with your mom-mom. It sounds like you were kindred spirits. What an incredible role model for you in your formative years.

  10. What a wonderful tribute to mom-mom. She sounds wonderful; you were lucky to have her. Grandparents are so special.

    Still watching the tax video...

  11. I'm sure she's looking down & smiling everyday...she was always so proud of you!

  12. What a beautiful, beautiful tribute to your mom-mom. I'm glad that she's in Heaven for you to be with again someday.

  13. What a wonderful story you just shared. I loved reading it and seeing all of the great photos. Grandmas are great, aren't they? I miss mine so much too.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  14. I will always appreciate the wonderful holiday meals mom mom had for us. She worked so hard to make them special..It was always alot of fun for all the kids..Funny thing, I have been thinking of mom mom for a couple of weeks now!! We have so many happy memories..xoxoxox


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