Monday, February 27, 2012

my next crochet project?

i'd love to try and make this 1970's beach cover-up.

the pattern is for sale on etsy. part of me says you can't do that! and another part says just go for it, it's worth a shot. it's really cute, isn't it? i've always wanted to crochet something to wear but never found a piece i loved as much as this. if i get the pattern down, maybe i could alter it for children and make some for my nieces.

yesterday i added this quote to my art journal/planner:

"dare to dream. leap and the net will appear."

perhaps my net will be crocheted.=)

Friday, February 24, 2012

this week's photos

nut tuna on spelt cakes with mung sprouts for lunch

puddles being sweet

nut tuna again on collard wraps

leftover lunch of quinoa veggie sushi
(i save small glass jars and was able to reuse a wasabi jar to hold my soy sauce and ginger.)

the granny squares

oh, the granny squares. what a ride it's been. i just want to have this bright happy blanket on my bed before gardening occupies my free time. so i've been rushing to get it done and not noticing that my squares are coming out all different sizes. i'm also not crazy about some of them. do i just keep going or start over? i've elicited the advice of an expert crocheter and am waiting to see what she says before i make a decision. maybe the size differences won't matter much?

here's the dilemma as i see it - i could keep going, spend another 20 hours or so to finish it up with the potential of it not looking as good as it could (uneven and all). but it would be done, and if anything it will be bright and colorful. plus i can always make another.

-or- i could just scrap the whole project and start over again when i have enough of the same type of yarn. i'm leaning towards just trucking through and finishing it up. it's just hard to be motivated to do something when you know that it won't be "perfect" in the end. but how can i know that it won't be perfect, and what's it matter anyway? what would you do?

here's a better photo of the squares on a white background in natural light, minus a few new ones.

i hope you all had a nice week. it's hard to believe it's friday already, and that next week will be march! yesterday john and i celebrated 5 years together. he's been extra sweet and made me tea last night. he also said he'll take me thrifting later. i'm going to make him his favorite chocolate peanut butter banana shake for lunch, and i've also got an idea for a chocolate avocado mousse/chia pudding parfait for dessert tonight. john's got a major sweet tooth.=)

speaking of, i told one of the girls i sit that she had quite the sweet tooth. she shouted "yes, i've got two sweet tooths actually!" and proceeded to point them out to me! ha! kids!=)

wishing you all extra sweetness this weekend!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

this weekend

happy saturday! i was inspired by one sheepish girl to take a quick pic and share what i'll be doing this weekend. after i post this, john and i will go sign up for our third season of the muth csa, then we'll be heading to an animal shelter open house to meet some kitties.

john's mom, dad, grandmom and i all had a birthday this past week, and tomorrow we'll be celebrating with john's mom's eggplant parm (mmm!). the two tea boxes pictured are gifts for the ladies. i've crocheted a rose to top the one box and will work on the other tonight. 

the granny square blanket is coming along. i've completed 30 squares so far and added a cream border to about 10 of them. when i'm not crocheting, i'm reading little house books and fantasizing about being an ingalls girl, minus blizzards, plus indoor plumbing.=)

how will you be spending your weekend?

Monday, February 13, 2012

granny square progress

24 down, 18 more to go...

Thursday, February 9, 2012


with sweet animal stickers and scrapbook paper i made springy valentines for my little lovens.

they still need to be glued together. i think this one is my favorite.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

garden surprises

lookie - our first broccoli floret! this certainly wasn't expected. i wonder if it will grow larger?

seems like the warm winter is fooling the plants. here are (about forty!) garlic sprouts.

some strawberry plants are showing signs of life...

and i brought home a sprig of rosemary and flower seed pods.

 two echinacea, one zinnia and another mystery flower seed pod

it's time for me to sort through my seeds. many seeds were saved from last season so hopefully i'll only need to order a few packets. in the past i've used ohio heirloom seeds and was happy with the price, fast shipping and quality plants. however, they're not selling corn, beets or edamame. can any gardeners recommend a reliable source for non-gmo seeds?

and do you think i can plant the sunflower seeds from my bird seed mix? some kind of sunflower's gotta grow from them, right?

reflecting on my saturn return

most of us have heard of a mid-life crisis, but how many know of the age-thirty transition?

the age-thirty transition corresponds with the saturn return, an astrological pattern in which saturn returns to the same position it was when you were born. this happens around age 27-30 (and again 57-60). astrologically speaking, it's when we truly enter adulthood.

(interestingly, gwen stefani was about 30 when no doubt released their album "return of saturn".)

anyway, i didn't know about this saturn return until i was in the midst of it. i told a friend in so many words how it felt like my world was changing and i was becoming a new person and she said nonchalantly, "oh, it's your saturn return." my what?

the saturn return is a time of great reflection, transition and emotional upheaval. many will start to question the path they are on and seek answers to other deep questions. some will reprioritize and make drastic changes. it's an exciting time, but anyone who's asked themselves the big questions and made big changes knows it can also be quite scary.

Saturn often asks us “Whose movie am I in?” and then challenges us to be the director and author. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we could just read our lines in the screenplay and have the ghost of “Christmas Future” come to us to show us the way? Instead, we are called to become our own “author-ity”---to truly become the author of our life. - saturn return

i wish i would have journaled more during those years, but i think i was so fearful of my thoughts i didn't want to write them down. thank goodness john was sort of going through the same thing (he's less than two months older than me) because i had someone to talk to. it was hard to talk to others at the time without coming off as a little whacky. if you notice, most people want to keep the convo light, talk about facebook and tv shows, not who we are and why we are here. *snort*

it's hard to put into words how i changed and what changed really. others with similar experiences call it becoming conscious or waking up, though those terms are used loosely now and i'm not sure if we even have words to describe it. i can say my perception of life changed - i felt more, questioned more, let go more, loved more, struggled more, lived more, and learned to fear less.

outwardly, i chopped off my hair. i took my life back and retired from the rat race at the age of 28 (and now spend my days doing what i consider to be fulfulling). i started caring more about what i put in and on my body and less about what other people thought of me. i began on the journey to self-sufficiency, learning to grow and store my own food, insuring my own health and wellness. ultimately, i became more responsible for my self. i guess that's what becoming an adult is.

i'll be 31 on saturday. 'til next time, saturn.=)

photo sources one // two

Sunday, February 5, 2012

granny squares

these granny squares have become quite an addiction! i've spent almost every spare minute working on them. i go to bed at night and wake up in the morning with visions of granny squares.

seeing all the time and energy going into my afghan caused me to stop and make a plan to be sure it was all worth the while. after much searching and contemplation, i committed to creating something bigger and better - a quilt very similar to carina's beautiful blanket, to adorn our bed.

currently our bed is covered with a duvet-less down comforter because we find them to be a total pain in the rump. i think spreading a granny square blanket over it will look nice.

i'll need to make 42 squares. i've got 11 done (minus the cream border which i think i'll save 'til the end) and some in the works. if i could just get into a rhythm, i'd have so many more completed. i find myself stopping and redoing my stitches so often. it's quite annoying. so today i take a break.

until tomorrow, little squares...=)

Friday, February 3, 2012

friday favorites

i'm going to jump on the f squared bandwagon and share four blog things i fancied this week.

1 ... a magnetic spice rack! cute and functional!

2 ... veronika's birdcage blouse. so sweet! tweet tweet.

3 ... cornflower blue's crochet art. reminds me of coral or sea anemones.

4 ... free adorable v-day card printouts from scathingly brilliant (though i prefer handwritten valentines=)

enjoy your weekend, peas!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

speaking of, coincidentally

hello, shiny happy people! i'm here on this groundhog day to show you a bit of what i've been up to. speaking of, remember the movie groundhog day? i loved it and have fun facts to share:

1.  my blogfriend jane from hard work homestead's husband created the ice sculptures that bill murray's character made in the movie and coincidentally, jane's mother is a punxsutawney native!

2.  bill murray almost refused to do the final scene! according to stephen sobolowsky via wikipedia, bill murray wanted to know what he'd be wearing for the last scene when he wakes up - pj's or clothes from the night before. the director had not thought about it and when the cast voted it was a tie. so bill refused to do the scene until someone spoke up and said absolutely the clothes from the night before and it would ruin the movie if not, and i think i have to agree.

3.  also according to wikipedia, "Groundhog Day has been considered a tale of self-improvement which emphasizes the need to look inside oneself and realize that the only satisfaction in life comes from turning outward and concerning oneself with others rather than concentrating solely on one's own wants and desires. The phrase also has become a shorthand illustration for the concept of spiritual transcendence. As such, the film has become a favorite of Buddhists because they see its themes of selflessness and rebirth as a reflection of their own spiritual messages. It has also, in the Catholic tradition, been seen as a representation of purgatory. It has even been dubbed by some religious leaders as the "most spiritual film of our time." how 'bout that!?

(i am aware that wikipedia is not the most reliable source, but i feel it can be trusted in this case.)


so, as you may know it's been over a month since we sad goodbye to the madji. we certainly don't wish to replace her (impossible) but would like to open our home to another animal in need. we've been searching online and so far have felt particularly drawn to two: snow and somara. snow needed more attention than his mom could give him. we responded to the ad right away but didn't hear back from her. i told my mom we were anxiously awaiting a response, and the next day, coincidentally, it snowed. my mom was in a waiting room all day and texted me "any word on snow?" thinking she was inquiring about the weather i said "haven't heard anything, but most of it's melted here." she wrote back "no, snow the cat. are you high?" ha! my mom's hilarious.

and speaking of my mom, her b-day is tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! when i say i lucked out in the mom department, i mean i really really did. she's the best. i made this page in my art journal/planner for this week. it says "when i count my blessings, i count you twice." and i chose a blurry pic so she won't be upset that i glued it.=)

back to the furbaby search - we eventually learned that snow's mom has decided to keep him. a few days ago i was at a pet store that holds foster cats for a non-profit group when i spotted somara. i put my hand up to the glass and she snuggled right up to it. it felt like a true connection. no one was there at the time for me to meet her so i went back the next day. the reaction i got was quite different - as soon as i put my hand out to her she swatted at it! when i tried again she swatted and hissed! the volunteer said she does that with everyone. i felt so bad and wanted to adopt her anyway, feeling sure that she would warm up to us eventually, but i'd be nervous with her around my niece. poor somara - i hope she finds someone soon. i'll keep checking on her.


so the day it snowed that i mentioned before was the only day we got snow this year, which is unusual for this area. it's been unseasonably warm with temperatures reaching the 60's one day this week! i'm definitely not complaining, as last winter was bitter and snowy enough.

coincidentally, i'm reading of the harshest winter ever in one of laura ingalls wilder's little house books and crocheting granny squares for a sweet little afghan. my aunt patti generously donated her old yarn to me and i'm complimenting those bright colors with some skeins i already have.

i'm not sure how it will come together in the end. i'll figure that out when i get there.

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