Saturday, November 26, 2011

thrift store score

at the end of a short thrifting trip, i reached into an iffy bin and struck gold! vintage gift wrap for just 50 cents! there were actually 10 sheets in the package, but i chose my two favorite to photograph.

complete with ribbon and gift tags

i searched online a bit but can't seem to date this gift wrap. any guesses?

feeling gratitude for...

connections with family, friends, bloggers and complete strangers

kindness from complete strangers

kisses and love from our furry friends

the calm place inside that knows no matter what, we are always ok

the light that seems to shine brightest after our darkest moments

sunny days, chirping birds, brilliant sunsets, and garden flowers still thriving

 marigolds and pea blossom

 white allysum and petunia

"Today will be joyous, for the beauty slamming against my face is unwilling to be ignored."
Susan Mrosek

Monday, November 21, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

today's harvest

sunset lettuce, carrots, kale, parsley, arugula, plantain, peas and sage

our first fall garden has been a success, though i'm not sure the broccoli and cabbage will come to a nice-sized head in time. next year i'll plant those seeds earlier. i'm grateful to still be harvesting in temperatures that leave my hands numb! 

the cold and i don't get along - i'd go into hibernation 'til spring if i could! in fact, i've been under the covers reading for much of my free time. if you don't hear from me for a while, that's where i'll be!=)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

how to help an injured baby bird

last week i noticed oscar the cat playing with something small and furry. i rushed out to see what it was - it was a very young finch. it wasn't bleeding, but its legs looked mangled. my first instinct was to bring the bird inside and call animal control (via the local animal shelter) to come help.

after making the phone call, i sat with the bird in my hand, praying and waiting. it looked a fluffy mess, and every so often it would try to move its legs. eventually it was able to position its legs underneath itself, and its feathers went back to normal. the bird looked completely fine, and i was sure it was going to live. but then it stopped breathing, and by the time help arrived, it had died.

normally when i'm faced with an unfamiliar situation, i hop online and search what to do. i wish i had because i probably would have acted differently, and the bird may have survived.

we can't change the past, but we can learn from it. i'm posting this with hopes that the information may help save other baby birds.

how to help a baby bird

if the bird is a nestling, too young to have feathers, try to locate its nest. after gently warming the bird in your hands, place it back in the nest, if possible. contrary to popular belief, the parents will not reject it because you've touched it.

• if it's a fledgling, mature enough to have feathers, check to see if the bird is injured. if so, contact animal control or the nearest wildlife rehabilitator. if not, it may just be learning to fly, and it's best to leave it be. keep small children and pets away. watch the bird from a distance, and if it seems hurt or the parents don't come, call for assistance.

• for a nest-less nestling or an injured bird waiting for help, create a nest with small plastic tupperware or a berry container and shredded facial tissue. do not use cotton, cloth, shredded paper or grass as it may cause more injury. do not let the bird sprawl on the bottom of the nest - rest it in a semi-upright position so that the edges provide support for the body and head.

provide warmth and a dark, quiet place. sometimes a few hours of rest and recuperation is all that is needed. do not try to force food, water or milk as it may cause more harm.

• if the baby seems uninjured, try placing it in the homemade nest back in the location it was found. watch to see if the parents come for it, but from a distance, as birds will not feed their young with people around. if a parent doesn't come for more than half a day, call for assistance.

caution: some birds are very dangerous to handle. if it has a sharp beak or claws, it's best to leave it and call a wildlife rehabilitator or animal control for help.

emergency care for birds and FAQ
if you find a baby bird (also provides info for helping adult birds)
what to do: finding baby birds
locate a wildlife rehabilitator

Monday, November 7, 2011

squash gut smoothie and some garden shots

i've been seeing bloggers cleverly use their squash innards to make shakes and pumpkin lattes. since i like squash seeds for their taste and nutrition, i decided to try them in a green smoothie.

the verdict - very, very good.

my smoothie consisted of the guts from one butternut squash (the seeds and stringy stuff), two frozen bananas, two small carrots, a few leaves each kale and swiss chard, and enough water to blend until smooth in our vitamix. it served me and john, who also thought it was very good.

despite some frosty nights, our plots at the community garden are still producing the greens. i've exceeded my goal of two pints of green powder last night when i packed a third pint.

we're also picking sugar snap and shelling peas,

and 36 of 45 garlic cloves i planted mid-october have sprouted. i'd love this time of year if it weren't so chilly!

i leave you with some fiery flowers and wishes for a wonderful (and warm) week!

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