Monday, October 1, 2012

end of september garden

despite the cooler temperatures, the garden is still thriving. we're harvesting tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, green beans, yellow squash and some herbs. i didn't take as many home garden as community garden photos this year, but i do have some to show you from last month. 

on the last day of summer, i added sunflowers to an autumn wreath. it's my farewell summer, hello fall wreath. it hung just a few hours until the flowers wilted, so i'm glad i took a picture.

this dark outside by 7 pm business is for the birds, but i'm doing my best to embrace the change. oh what would i do without you, winter squash?=)

some of my favorite ways to enjoy winter squash:

sweet sage acorn squash (or with walnuts - walnuts and sage mimic a sausage flavor.)
kabocha squash (simple is best - i like mine roasted with just a sprinkle of salt.)
pumpkin seeds (most winter squash seeds can be prepared this way!)
squash and greens
stuffed butternut squash
spaghetti squash
sweet fall slaw
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