Monday, November 7, 2011

squash gut smoothie and some garden shots

i've been seeing bloggers cleverly use their squash innards to make shakes and pumpkin lattes. since i like squash seeds for their taste and nutrition, i decided to try them in a green smoothie.

the verdict - very, very good.

my smoothie consisted of the guts from one butternut squash (the seeds and stringy stuff), two frozen bananas, two small carrots, a few leaves each kale and swiss chard, and enough water to blend until smooth in our vitamix. it served me and john, who also thought it was very good.

despite some frosty nights, our plots at the community garden are still producing the greens. i've exceeded my goal of two pints of green powder last night when i packed a third pint.

we're also picking sugar snap and shelling peas,

and 36 of 45 garlic cloves i planted mid-october have sprouted. i'd love this time of year if it weren't so chilly!

i leave you with some fiery flowers and wishes for a wonderful (and warm) week!


  1. I love it, what a great way to use the whole squash.

    Isn't the fall garden grand, I always love seeing the dark green when all around is turning brown.

  2. Yummy! I must try this. Lovely pics as always!

  3. What a great idea! I never thought of using my squash discards for a smoothie. I will have to blend some up in my Vitamix!

    Beautiful pictures. Everything is turning brown here, except for the yellow-leaved trees and the occasional orange-leaved tree.

  4. How fascinating!! I'd never have even considering blending the seeds and stringy parts. Nom nom nom!

  5. Your smoothie looks terrific! And your garden still looks sensational...

  6. Gorgeous garden plot!!! And I would have never thought that guts could be put to use like that :)

  7. beautiful beautiful beautiful! Sam planted onions and I'm so excited! Haven't ever tried squash in a smoothie but recently tried sweet potato in a juice. it was alright. I'm curious about a smoothie though, will have to try that.


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