Friday, April 1, 2011

bye-bye, blog

april fools! i'm still here, just took a little blog sabbatical. in my spare time i've been reading and making the rest of my 'pay-it-forward' gifts - i'll have them in the mail as soon as possible. hope this post finds everyone happy and well!=) xoxo


  1. You are terrific! Love that photograph. Hope you have a wonderful day, Kelli.

  2. Forgot it was April Fools today! :)

  3. Hahaha... you got me! I always forget that today is April Fool's, because it is also my mom's birthday!

    P.S. That is such an amazingly beautiful flower!! :)

  4. Thank you for reminding about The Secret Garden, one of my favorite books from childhood! I should stop by the library today and pick up a copy to read again.

    Also, glad you plan on sticking around the bloggy-hood :)

  5. So glad it was a april fool's joke
    Blessings, Debra
    Raw Vegan Diet

  6. the blogging world would be at a lost without you!

  7. clint, you're too kind!=) i'm having a nice day, hope you are too!

    mel, good thing i gave you a heads up!=)

    jane, i can't stay away too long. i miss my blogging buddies.

    thanks ashley! it's the feed-me-seymour daisy that had the mysterious leaf.=)

    lauren, =)

    granny, that's what my mom calls me!=)

    nikki, i'm so in love with it. what an amazing message it delivers.

    debra, it'll be a cold day in hades before i stop blogging.=)

    bitt, i'm still thinking of a good one for john. any ideas? i could pretend to slice my finger off - he's always nervous i'm going to one of these days!=)

    aww, you're so sweet cosmic! xoxoxo

  8. heart sank for just a minute there. :)

    Kelli, I love that you keep coming back to my blog and leaving your words there. That story you told of your dream last night got me right in the heart and totally gave me chills. Wow. Serious synchronicity here and everywhere, it seems.

    With love,


  9. julia, the universal flow... at its finest.=)

    heidi, i couldn't resist!=) thank you.


  10. That was a mean joke! I am sure many would be very sad if you said bye-bye blog. I would be!!
    Peace and Raw Health,


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