Monday, April 11, 2011

music monday: i didn't f*ck it up

funny but full of f-bombs. viewer discretion is advised!=)


  1. Kelli, Kelli, sweet Kelli.....Sigh.

    After arising at 4ish, going thru most of my mail and reading several blogged devotionals, I come to this. Never laughed so hard on a Monday norning in my life. Really, really good. I wanna be an un F*er. I wanna be an un F*er. I wanna be an un F*er.

  2. This made me laugh sooooooo hard! Thank you, sweet one! I just love the f-word. There is no other word, ya know?!

  3. :) That was pretty funny!

  4. clint, i'm not as always as sweet as i appear... just ask john!

    i'm glad you got a good laugh out of it. it's one funny and clever song. it's f*ed, it's f*ed...=)

    brooke, me too!=)

    katrina, i'm happy you enjoyed it.=)

  5. Thoroughly enjoyed it, promptly sent it to my hubby!


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