Tuesday, September 6, 2011

embracing fall: a compilation of past autumn posts

today it was back-to-school for most students in our area. oh where did the summer go?

fall is lovely but i think i resist it because of the frigid cold weather soon to follow. since i'm really not a fan of being cold or buying veggies shipped from far and wide, summer is my favorite season (though i did find myself fantasizing about cooler months in the midst of some oppressive heat).

i'm really, really going to miss shorts and tanks and tomatoes and melons. so to get me in the mood for fall, i've been going back and reading old autumn posts. i thought i'd share them with you, in case you are resisting the change of seasons too, and to give you some ideas for tasty fall food.

she's baaackkk - features a flavorful kabocha squash stir-fry with a summery twist.
(i know, mango in new jersey is shipped from far and wide, but it always seems to be on sale this time of year, and i can't seem to resist a good sale! i bet this would also taste good with peaches.)

oh, and i love that pansies are back in season!
raw apple cobbler - a nutty, healthy spin on cooked apple cobbler.

apple picking and wine tasting - a is for autumn and apples!

fall arts festival - a reminder to take advantage of all the fun festivities going on this time of year.

 stuffed squash and raw brownie bites - oh, i remember you yummy guys...

spaghetti squash and pumpkin cookies - and you yummy guys, too!

squash and greens - lots more squash yumminess and ideas for making fall treats with the kiddies.

stuffed acorn squash -  another delicious stuffed winter squash with massaged kale.

turnips and greens - a tasty fall dish that's easy to prepare.

festive fall eats - soups and salads and slaw - oh my! i'm so excited to make my sweet fall slaw again, plus lots of warm veggie soups. 

 homemade halloween cards - no food in this post, but a cute craft idea for kids and adults.

you see kelli, the end of summer isn't so bad!

so what are you looking forward to this fall?


  1. Well you certainly made me hungry. I love the changing of the leaves, and the feel of a soft sweater.

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  3. As if you didn't already know it, I think Kelli RULES!

  4. You have some serious culinary skills. Your dishes look like they could be on one those food network reality shows.

    I had a misspelled word in my original post.

  5. I remember those posts, especially the crafty card one (so cute!).

    Summer is my fave season too but fall is a close 2nd because I love being/feeling cozy. I don't like it when fall is basically winter, where it's just wet, cold and dark and all the pretty leaves are gone but I love the smells, halloween/t-giving, and just snuggling up and wishing for warmer weather again. :) Anyway...tangent...

    Love the recaps - you've got some goodies there!

  6. i enjoy the changing seasons ... I also have a trip to australia to look forward to at christmas time that will break the winter cold and your post shows that there's always delicious things to look forward to eating whatever the season :)

  7. I like colourful leaves, rain, wearing warm clothes...

  8. wow you take amazing photos, lady. i can't eat that much squash, i end up getting sick of root veggies by november and still have like 3 more months of them lol

  9. My favorite season! Great post, love everything!

  10. I have to agree with Rick. You take great photos, and like you I love that pansies are back...

  11. I do like fall but I like summer better!!! I love sweatshirts, bonfires, and apples!!

  12. Ahhhh Fall. I can only take so much heat, so by this time of year I am fully ready to embrace the change of seasons, brisk morning air, changing colors, and the delicious flavors of apples and squash and hot tea. Everything looks wonderful and has reminded me of all my Fall loves.

  13. Beautiful looking food Kelly!!
    Oh, Fall--means planting season for us, I am very excited!!
    Peace and Raw Health,

  14. I wasn't excited about fall coming, especially due to the cooler temps. But those are some tasty reasons to welcome it.


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