Saturday, September 17, 2011

peach pepper punch, csa week 13, and alaina turns four

hi friends! i hope you're all having a nice weekend. now that i'm able to upload photos again, i thought i'd do a little catch-up post.

first, we have what was going to be my entry into a juice contest. it's a peach pepper punch, made before i got to work canning peach pepper jam with peach, cucumber, chiogga beets and jalapeno. it didn't taste as pleasant as it looked, plus i couldn't upload the picture, so it wasn't entered into the contest. i did love the peachy-pink color it made.

as feared, muth's crop was affected by the heavy rains caused by hurricane irene, and they'll be closed for a few weeks to allow their crops to "catch-up". to make up for the loss, they brought in organic carrots, celery, and potatoes from other farms. it seemed unnecessary, as they still have so many things to offer, but it was very much appreciated.

muth family farm's organic csa week 13: acorn and butternut squash, sweet peppers, raspberries, sage, patty-pan squash, tomatoes, jalapenos, potatoes, eggplant, watermelon, fennel, green onions, carrots and celery.

so colorful!

pretty peppers

we celebrated my niece alaina's fourth birthday last weekend, and the little skooch held her ears again when we sang to her. we're no partridge family here, but we're not that bad! (or are we...)

alaina and daddy (my brother, craig)

ps - alaina's shirt says "all you need is love"=)


  1. jane, i thought it would taste good, since peach pepper jam is so delicious. and i thought it would earn me creativity points!=)

  2. Yummy vegetables and funny birthday girl!!

  3. yeah that drink is wild! what an idea! and your CSA is still kicking much ass. all those peppers...i'd end up wasting some :-/ lol

  4. wow, what a rainbow! I love your creativity!

  5. Happy Birthday Alaina!!!
    Wow, are those peppers stunning. I love your pics from the CSA. I am always drooling.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  6. happy birthday Alaina! That's funny she covers her ears. ha!

    Man, your csa is so awesome - look at all those goodies! Holy moley!

    Your peach juice does look (and sound) incredible - sorry it didn't taste as good as you'd hoped. Maybe you can experiment some more? The peaches I had, sad to say, weren't very sweet. I'll have to pick up some nectarines instead. I've had better luck with those. Anyway, wonder how they'd be with jalapeno? Hmmm...


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