Monday, September 26, 2011

harvest monday

carrots, collard greens, red russian kale, plantain, parsley, rosemary, edamame and lettuce

everything but the carrots were grown at the community garden. the plants seem to really like the straight mushroom compost soil over there. 

this is my first fall garden, and i'm growing some of my favorite greens, including collards (woohoo!). i'm amazed at how fast they grow. this photo of them was taken last week and the leaves have since doubled in size. 

the rosemary and parsley are grown in a flower bed with dill and sage for everyone to share.

i didn't photograph the big bunch of arugula i harvested yesterday, but here's a shot of a few plants from last week. they're growing like weeds!

speaking of weeds, did you see what's growing under the arugula - purslane!  

for those unfamiliar, purslane is an edible succulent that contains more omega-3's than any other leafy vegetable plant. though most consider it an invasive weed, purslane is welcome in my garden - it's the best in smoothies!

if you're wondering what else i do with my greens, i use collards for green buns and make salads with kale and arugula. in this salad both are chopped and mixed in a balsamic-dijon marinade, topped with garden grape tomatoes and shelled hemp seeds. mmm!

harvest mondays are hosted by daphne at daphne's dandelions. visit her page to see what others are growing and doing with their harvest!


  1. Ohhh! It all looks so fresh and delicious! I can almost smell the aromas.
    I could chomp on that salad right now!!

  2. to me, this is food porn. nuttin like vegetables!

  3. I wish we still had something that grows.

  4. wow, look at you GROW!!!!!! AWESOME!!! I like purslane in my salads!!!

  5. Your plants look amazing!!!! Those green buns look so good! I would never have thought of that. :)

  6. mmm mmm and gorgeous! Good to know about puslane.


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