Sunday, September 18, 2011

fall craft fair

this first fall-like weekend, john and i perused the pitman craft fair, which is held bi-annually on the quaint little main street i lived on when i first moved out. (memories...♪=)

these clay-sculpted earrings by kasie lyn are so pretty. i bought a pair of blue roses for myself and the pink hearts as a gift for a girl i watch. i took a photo of the hearts on top of a mosaic jewelry box i made a few years ago.

we also purchased a cute little clay monkey magnet for my mom, some spice mixes, and a pennsylvania soy candle. burning candles is a treat in our house. we buy one once a year, locally-made and hand-poured. after lots of sniffing and mmm-ing, we settled on autumn spice - a light, sweet and warm scent.

though the weather has been very cool, there are plenty of flowers still thriving, like these lilies.

in a thrift store on the same street as the fair, i reluctantly passed on a set of vintage 'crazy daisy' mixing bowls like these. aren't they cute? i'm kind of wishing i got them. my fruit bowl doubles as my mixing bowl now, and it's a real pita to take everything out. 


normally i dread shopping, but not when it comes to thrifted or hand-made.

do you frequent craft shows or thrift stores in your area?


  1. I'm always on the search for a pyrex set but they always seem way overpriced! The one you saw is super cute!

  2. Love your finds!! I just bought a "Fallish" soy candle yesterday! Posting on my blog tomorrow, too funny!

  3. Nice shopping. I had a pair of rose earrings years ago.. then I lost one... and now I can't find the remaining one... :-(. Never mind, maybe I need to make one myself, since I can make roses with fondant I guess I can also make them with clay :-). I just need the time...


  4. So lovely earrings!! And I'd love to smell that candle! I love fairs. This summer there was a flea market in our town every Saturday. I bought myself some lovely things, including a stamp album (full of cool old stamps!), a picture with a girl riding on a cat (I'll have to tell my father to frame it) and some postcards.

  5. That looks like fun. I actually don't like shopping either unless it is for foodie stuff. I need to go candle shopping sometime soon. :)

  6. I do not like shopping at all really--only do it when i HAVE to. BUT, craft fairs and art shows are another story--love going to those. Our small city has them all of the time. I just wish I could get to more of them--it is difficult at times with 5 kiddos in tow.
    Peac and Raw Health,
    PS your mosaic box is beautiful!

  7. We enjoy thrift store shopping. Sometimes craft fairs can be too expensive for my wallet. Definitely you need to get yourself a mixing bowl, so your fruit can finally relax!

  8. ooh, that candle sounds yummy! So cozy! And those bowls are too cute! Reminds me of the blue pyrex ones my mom had when I was a kid. Now they're "vintage." The craft fair sounds so fun!


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