Sunday, October 11, 2009

fall arts festival

today we headed 45 minutes south to a fall arts festival in salem county. little did we know it was a tour of shops, galleries, and artists' homes! in one cute little shop i bought a brown sugar and fig soy nice and fall-y. we were also given free apples and pumpkins with our purchases. gotta love free produce! =)

next stop was klayhorse studios, which was actual part of the sculptor's home that she and her husband designed right along the delaware river. i forgot to take a pic inside Deborah Waddington Smith's studio but here are some pics inside her amazing home.

spiral staircases are cool, but i'd imagine they make it a bit difficult to carry the laundry basket up and down. i should have asked! :p

this wall featured Deborah's mother (Mary Waddington's) photography.
to the left are Amanda McCutcheon's portraits of "The Boardroom".

Ms. McCutcheon explained that these portraits were done in the recent year to show her anger towards the fraudulent actions of the banksters. (i need a creative outlet for my angst!)

on a lighter note, this house had some happy cats lounging around.

"why don't you take a'll last longer..."
he then proceeded to roll his eyes but was happy when john pet him. =)

final stop was Linda Levie's studio/house...located right next to a huge soy bean farm!
her home featured the work of Brigitte O'Dowd-Carr.

we brought along sammies and snacks with the intention to have a picnic lunch somewhere, but we ended up saving them for dinner. (we had too many goodies at the stops along the way...cupcake, cookies, pumpkin soup...sinful! why can't i say nooo?!)

can you spot the little heart sprout?

it's funny how we went from one extreme of eating to another in one day! hey, i say better to eat healthy most of the time then none of the time!

i followed this recipe to make a hearty raw bread, then topped it with sliced avocado, garden tomatoes, kale massaged with olive oil, and alfalfa sprouts. served with a side of baked kale chips.

*i'd use the bread recipe again but will leave out the pumpkin seeds and use more sunflower seeds.

have a wonderful week, my lovely readers!
(all 3 of you ;)


  1. What a lovely post!Your sandwichs always makes my mouth water, You should make me one and send it by mail;-)


  2. thank you. =)

    if i could you know i would! ;)

  3. AMAZING PICTURES!!!!! I LOVE the Mother baby ones. Beautiful!! I can't believe their houses were part of the tour! That's so cool! Thanks for sharing all the great pics! Oh, the cat one- yeah the caption matched the picture PERFECTLY!! Ha!

  4. Lovely Pictures. All the pictures are really beautiful. The Mother baby picture is the best picture among all as it shows love between mother and baby in the picture.


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