Monday, June 29, 2009

plant progress

i'm not sure if i let my lettuce go too long or if they bolted because of the warmer weather, but my lettuce box looked a mess today! i was a bad gardener and neglected them the past few days. they looked so bad that i was ashamed to take a pic. =/

on a happy note, i harvested a large amount of lettuce and was able to share with the neighbors. (i need to get one of those scales that granny has to track the weight of my produce!) i know the lettuce will probably be on the bitter side but i read online that keeping it in the fridge a day or two will help that.

red sails, romaine, and gourmet bibb

i have a few of these peppers on the plant and some more blooms.

one of my cucumber plants striking a pose

and one of its flowers

this tomato plant had a broken stem. i repotted it and after a few days it was well again. i liked admiring it in the window as i did the dishes, but i said to myself that i'll start hardening it off once it touches the top of the window. i was like a sad mom watching her child frolic off to school for the first time. this was it's last day inside.

it did fine once i put it outside, and even started to bloom!

the Milky Way morning glory reached the top of the vine. i wonder if it will climb to the opposite end of the trellis.

here is one of the milk way blossoms all snuggled up for the night.
see the heart? i'll take this as a sign that my garden loves me =)

the Pearly Gate morning glories tucked in for bed

the new marigolds

a pretty flower shot

i wonder if any of these 4th of july's will hold true to its name and ripen by saturday!

sugar snap peas

the carrots are ready to come out, but i'm going to pick them thursday to make carrot cupcakes for the 4th.

we got a new composter from the city for only $30.

our other one is almost filled to the top.

one of my volunteer workers


salad made from lettuce harvest


  1. Kelli, Looking good, girl!!! But it will be a miracle if those tomatoes ripen by Saturday. I've had green tomatoes for so long, I swear they are NEVER going to turn red. I did pick my first bell pepper the other day though, which is the earliest I've ever had one ready! We have local corn ripe now (my neighbor brought me two ears!), so tomatoes shouldn't be far behind. Your composter is a twin to mine, only mine is about 25 years old! I got it at a garden show that was put on by the county extension, and paid $5. I think I've got my use out of it! It's cracked all the way down the back of the bottom part, and held together with screws and wire!

  2. thanks granny! i figured that with the tomatoes...but a girl can dream, can't she? =D

    i just bought some more pepper plants on sale (cherry peppers and jalapenos!) - they don't look too great but i'm hoping i can nurse them back to health.

    wow, 25 years, and only 5 dollars?! i saw the same composter online for well over 100 bucks! my city sells it to non-residents for $60. i think these compost people are scamming us! =P


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