Wednesday, July 1, 2009

sweet garden help

this is my niece, alaina.

she came for a visit today with grandmom and helped water my plants
(while aunt kelli's finger just couldn't stop clicking! =)

her hard work was rewarded with a strawberry-lemonade popsicle.
(this could have been another slideshow
but instead i picked my favorite two.)

isn't she the sweetest?! the thought of her gives me a toothache. =D


  1. OMG she is too sweet!!!! How old is she? My baby girl is 17 months. They look around the same age. Isn't there just something facinating about babies?!?! *GUSH*

  2. A - aww i didn't know you had a little one! i know, babies are amazing. i could just sit and watch her for hours. she'll be 2 in september.

  3. How cute is she?!? I love seeing kids learning to garden. It brings back memories... I remember planting flowers with my mom when I was around that age. :)


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