Tuesday, July 7, 2009


the honeymoon period is officially over and i can no longer look past the flaws and imperfections.

for a while i was in denial and kept telling myself things would change. but it has only gotten worse.

i didn't know where to turn, so i asked old faithful (aka Google) for some advice.

they say its a fungus. i say it's a crying shame.

i cut off all the infected leaves and posted my dilemma immediately on gardenweb.com for some advice. i'm hoping my trusted garden blogging friend, granny, can also offer some guidance.

as if that wasn't enough, i noticed this on the tomato plant next to the cucumbers in the square foot garden

with this tomato

and another tomato plant in its own pot with these circles and specks

to top it off, the morning glory leaves just won't stop turning yellow!

any advice to remedy these problems is greatly appreciated!!!


on a happy note, these tomatoes are looking nice.

my green pepper is growing
(a bit lopsided)

and we're finally getting cherry tomato buds

i guess i was a fool to think my first garden would be problem-free.

you live and you learn!


  1. *thinking good thoughts*
    *thinking good thoughts*
    *thinking good thoughts*
    Oh man...... so sorry your plants have "the sniffles." Hopefully you get some good advice on how to revive them. Keep up the good thoughts and positive energy!! :P

  2. Kelli,

    Now mind you this is my first full year of veggie gardening...and I can be wrong.... but I think one reason why tomatoes can split is from too much water. Back off on the watering just a bit and see if that helps. I was having the same problem with my cherry tomatoes.

  3. thank you, A! things are looking better today.

    i think you may be right, liisa. i got a little crazy and jumped the gun with the fungus diagnosis. i water my tomatoes everyday. john keeps repeating, "mel says you can't overwater", but i guess you can. we also got a lot of rain in june. it's so hard for me to hold back because in the past i've always killed plants by under watering!

    as for the cukes, i'm not sure what happened, but i'm going to water with epsom salt and fish emulsion. there is a lot of new growth and flower blooms so i'm hoping for the best!

    (btw i can't believe this is your FIRST year - i'm very impressed!)


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