Friday, July 10, 2009

elvis is alive and well

elvis, the steer, that is.

this steer's just a hunk of burning love =)

as a baby, elvis was found tied up in a barn, waiting to be sold to a veal farmer. he was rescued by an animal lover and now resides safely at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. unfortunately, most cows aren't so lucky.

elvis' mother was a dairy cow. to increase milk production, female cows are inseminated. after given birth, the babies are taken away from their mommies so the milk can be bottled and sold. the mothers mourn the loss of their young, as any mother would do.

because they are of no use to the dairy industry, the male babies are confined to a dark cramped space, chained by the neck to restrict their movement. the confinement makes the veal meat "tender" as their muscles have no chance to develop.


many of us unknowingly support this fate for cows each time we purchase milk or veal. think about it, does it really taste that good?

"If you're eating or drinking something made from cow's milk, it's because a calf chained in a box somewhere isn't." ~Dan Piraro, Cartoonist and Author

to read more about elvis and other rescued animals (and maybe even to adopt! =), visit the Woodstock Farm site.


  1. Wouldn't you like to have him in your back yard? Knowing you, he would live in the house with you and John..HaHa..


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