Thursday, July 16, 2009

garden photo shoot

(click to enlarge)

the first eggplant
4th of july's
cherry tomatoes
the lone green pepper
finally a female cucumber flower =)cilantro
cilantro flowers
alyssum and petunias


  1. How come your petunias aren't getting eaten up like mine are? :-(

    What is that pretty hot pink flower in with the blue petunias? I still have it as my desktop wallpaper, it's lovely.

  2. because the insects in my garden are too busy munching on my basil, beet, and eggplant leaves!

    i have to check with my mom, but i think it may be a type of dahlia. i'm glad you're still enjoying it. =) i'm thinking of framing some of my flower pics so i can look at them all year long.

  3. Very nice garden shots! My cilantro went to flower as well. I found it really smelled bad, maybe it was just me?


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