Wednesday, June 17, 2009

garden update

new additions:
rosemary (from missy)
fresh mulch (from mommy)
lavender (started from seed)
2 morning glories (from Bloomer's)

we wanted something pretty to climb the outside of the trellis, so i potted two morning glory plants - pearly gates and milky way. the milky way is already producing pretty blooms.

the eggplant has also bloomed

yanked out the first baby carrot (a little too early)

and the lone beastly beet is more than ready to be yanked


  1. Kelli, your little garden is picture perfect! good job. I love the flowers...bugs have eaten a lot of mine, but the pansies are still blooming their little heads off :-)

  2. I love your garden, it looks so pretty and tasty.

  3. BEAUTIFUL GARDEN!!!! I'm so jealous! Can't wait to see more progress! Congrats!

  4. granny - thank you. john and i are talking about where to put the next exciting! i want to make a longgg one along the side of my house. we'll see. i'm having a similar problem with bugs. they're eating all my basil! i hear basil repels house flies, yet i see flies sitting on my basil constantly! glad your pretty pansies are doing well =)

    jenandberry and A - thank you! if i can grow a garden, anyone can. when i was teaching we would try to grow beans and flowers, and every year i would kill them (over/underwatering). it's amazing these plants are still alive! i atrribute it to the mel's mix - he says with his mix you can't overwater. i believe it!


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