Friday, June 12, 2009

no tv - a blessing in disguise

john and i had been talking about getting rid of the tv for quite some time (we both agree it does more harm than good). about a month ago, we downgraded our cable to use the money for our culligan water filter and softener.

wellll, when we took the ginormous thing off the wall to re-route the cable in the back, it slipped and bumped john's beefy shoulder :P 'no big deal' we thought, until we tried to turn it on. broken. about $1,000 to repair. no thanks.
it was an adjustment at first...very quiet in the house...but now i hardly miss it. i especially don't miss the celebrity crap they try to pass off as "news", nor the marketing lies too many accept as truth (happy cows my ass!).

i can still watch the office online, and i am wayyy more productive without the mind-mushing tv. it was truly a blessing in disguise.

what i do miss are my dvr'd episodes of christina cooks, ace of cakes, kitchen nightmares, and chopped. but now i play chopped in my own kitchen.=)

for those who haven't seen chopped, it's a food network show where four chef's compete using mystery ingredients to create an appetizer, main course and dessert. (of course the ingredients are usually bizarre like gummi bears or cola, and the combinations are always a challenge). the judges look for integration of the ingredients, taste, and presentation.

when i have nothing planned for dinner, i like to play my own version of chopped to create a meal from whatever i can find in the kitchen. it's much more fun now that i have the garden supplying me with ingredients as well.

this is what i came up with tonight:

veggie quinoa chard wraps


salad with veggie quinoa, cucumber, and roasted red pepper

my dishes wouldn't have scored too high on taste or integration, but i think my presentation with the chard wraps may have impressed the judges.

the chard and lettuce came from the garden. the quinoa was a mix of random veggies from the fridge. it tasted ok but the flavors didn't really come together too well. i added carrot, asparagus, green pepper, black beans, green olives, smoked paprika, cumin, and salt. interesting mix, huh?

most importantly, the dishes were healthy and filled me up. not to mention, they also provided pretty pictures. =)

a bouquet on a dish


  1. Beautiful! You should get a job making the fake desserts they use for restaurants.. You would love that!! xoxoxo

  2. Kelli, gorgeous! Those violas are really pretty, too. I have two kinds so far, but I've been so happy with them (their aroma is wonderful)I will add more to my garden in the future.

  3. OMG!! Gorgeous presentation! I didn't taste the wraps but I'd give you an A+ on appearance! Also, I evny you for giving up the TV. I don't think my house is ready for that yet. Maybe one day.

  4. aww thanks everyone!

    anonymous - i'd rather make real desserts so i could sneak tastes while working! =)

    granny - they really are a nice flower. i am saving the seeds to hopefully grow my own next year.

    A - maybe you could "accidentally" break your tv! ha!

  5. Hi Kelli! I just found your blog... you commented on Scathingly Brilliant about having no TV, so I had to check you out! We haven't killed our TV, but we did kill the "programming". We can find DVDs at the library, or watch stuff online. I just find it frees us up... I know my weaknesses, and if I had satellite or cable, I wouldn't get anything done! Plus I like that my three kids aren't bombarded with commercials, and other stuff I don't want them watching. Anyway, just really nice to hear of someone else saying no to TV - I think we're about 11 years and counting. I must admit, I also kind of like telling people that we don't have "TV", it's crazy how "crazy" they think we are! We don't have cell phones or other "devices" either, but that's a whole other post! :)


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