Sunday, June 7, 2009

taco salads and trellises

animal-friendly cooking makes me happy =)

blue corn tortilla chips topped with yellow squash, portobello mushrooms, black beans, red bell pepper, avocado, cilantro, and romaine lettuce. YUM!!!

gourmet bibb with cukes, green olives, red pepper, black beans, and smashed blue corn chips
(for the dressing, whisked together olive oil, lemon juice, cumin, red chile, garlic and onion powder)


look at what a great job johnny boy did making the trellis! it's better than i could have imagined. i love it. i asked him to build me two more for next year's squash and melons! =) we'll see...

don't be jealous of my trellis =)

i also added twine to the cage to help my sugar snap peas out. this plant grabbed on and forced out a bloom within hours.

i hope to build something nice for them to climb next year. i have a feeling this winter will be dedicated to garden planning (or lesson planning!) maybe both! =)

the first pea


  1. Great looking meal and trellis. Your SFGarden is just so cute!


  2. i've been craving taco salads for a few days now...your post has made it official. tomorrow i shall have a taco salad.

  3. thanks, liisa!

    sheena - i'm happy to be a part of your meal decision-making, especially when it's mexican!


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