Thursday, June 18, 2009

this is how we roll...

if you want the recipe, holla at me!



  1. Holy rolly.... is that purple rice??? Please post the ingredients!!

  2. HA!!! it's something i whipped up in my newly acquired magic bullet called "ammachi's aloha pate'". the beet made it that color. you can find the recipe here:

    i didn't use leek or radish because i didn't have it. if you decide to make this, i would half the recipe.

    to make i filled nori rolls with the pate, sliced avocado, chard, romaine, mung sprouts, and cucumber. i made them again tonight with the pate', quinoa, guacamole, and a bean salad i will be posting soon.

    i got that handy dandy bamboo mat at wegmans for like $2. i watched videos on youtube to learn how to make rolls. they're fun - you can fill them with anything!

  3. Awesome!! I have made sushi rolls in years!


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