Sunday, October 16, 2011

two yummy reppies to pass on

reppies - slang for more than one recipe.

yes i just made that up, and yes i know it's cheesy. 

but not as cheesy as your mother angela's butternut squash mac 'n cheeze.=)

...which has been getting rave reviews by the way, and rightfully so - it's effin scrumptious!

and i love that roasted butternut squash makes the cheese sauce. a culinary genius, that girl is. 

the one slight change i made with the recipe was subbing roasted garlic for garlic powder, which roasted with the squash in the ovie (oven). next time i will double the reppie and freeze the rest. (ok, i'll stop.=)

 angela also taught me how to roast garlic
(hehe, i was so close to writing angie.=)

while i roasted the squash and garlie (garlic - ahh, sorry i had to! that's how john says it. i'll really stop now)...

while the squash and garlic roasted, i prepared an easy vegan creamy potato-leek soup to have for lunch and dinner a few times this week.

the soup was rich and tasty. again i subbed roasted garlic, and i added a pinch of nutmeg, as i do with all my fall soupies. (you didn't think i'd really stop, did ya?=)


  1. I love potatoie leekie yummie! xoxoxies

  2. it's getting to be soup weather and these look delicious :-)

  3. That squash and garlic look totally outrageous. I love 'em both. Plus, the garlie keeps the vampires away.

  4. I'm just as cashew cheesy, which probably explains why I like your "reppies" slang :-)

  5. wow this sounds so interesting, I want to try making it! and I love your new word, so cute! haha

  6. Yum! I saw Angela's recipe and glad to hear you've made it and loved it. I'll have to make it soon. And potato leek? Ooh yeah!


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