Monday, October 24, 2011

breast cancer prevention tips from a cancer survivor

not only is cookbook author and host of her own cooking show christina pirello a cancer survivor, she healed herself with a macrobiotic diet back in the early 80's. here she tells her amazing story:

below, her take on breast cancer awareness month and real preventative measures. a must see for all!

another preventative step i take against cancer is using only all-natural deodorants free of aluminum-based compounds found in most antiperspirants. either i make our own deodorant with this recipe or purchase crystal essence roll-on deodorant and body spray for mid-day freshening. when i don't have to go out into public and in the winter months, i don't wear deodorant at all. i'd rather smell a tad ripe than battle a terminal disease. are ya with me?


  1. i don't wear deodorant anymore either. what a huge waste it was. especially winter months, as you the summer, a few drops of essential oil and im good to go.

  2. I'm with you! When I don't have to go out into public, I don't wear it at all. But if I do, I only use crystal deodorant.

    I watched the second video. It's all true. I also wish the whole world were vegan. :) And I love the last sentence, haha.

    By the way, we are finally planning to buy a dehydrator. I can't wait to make yummy raw food!

  3. I'm so with you, using a chemical deoderant is one of the worst things a person can do to themselves. I enjoyed hearing the thoughts of Christina Pirello. I have not given much thought to the nutrition of organic brown rice...I'll have to read up on it and check out more of Christina's stuff...thanks.

  4. rick, lavender and lemon essential oil smell so nice, mixed with a little coconut oil for easy application. thanks for reminding me!

    malle, it seems other countries use more natural products, toothpaste and sunblock included. in australia, the kind of sunblock manufactured in the states is illegal!

    yay for dehydrators! you'll have a lot of fun with it.

    mr.h, i'm glad you enjoyed. she has a cooking show on tv with some videos online (christina cooks). she's local and i got a chance to meet her and hear her speak at a garden party. i think she's great!

  5. I use natural deodorant and stay clear from anti-perspirants (sp?) which only have toxic chemicals. Your recipe is on my to-make list.

    Interesting factoid about Australia's ban on US-made sunblock. That should tell ya something huh?

    Thanks for introducing Christina to me! ;)

  6. Aluminium free Deodorants not only only removes odor but also kills the bacteria that causes the odor without closing pores. So its better to avoid anti-perspirants as it becomes the cause of cancer.


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