Wednesday, October 26, 2011

things i'm looking forward to

a day in the garden, harvesting and cleaning up
a cross stitch project (it should be cute!)
the super annoying zit on my face healing
sharing my squash and escarole soup recipe
a homemade pumpkin muffin for dessert
and a trip to the library (the good earth, i'm coming for you!)

what i'm enjoying now - a full belly from a quick and healthy meal, a clean sink, and sharing my thoughts with you lovely people.=)

a funny story for the mature readers:

i texted my mom today to ask her how to dry up a zit. but i described the zit as being full of puss. puss-y. so she read the text and saw how do i dry out a p*ssy zit! aghhh! no, mom, it's on my face! yikes!=)

so seriously, how do you? in the past, i've always just squeezed the bejeezus out of my pimples. john says to leave it alone. i'm wondering if i should treat it with a hot compress and tea tree oil. thoughts?


  1. All good things! And a clean sink is always nice :) Hot compress is a good thing. I have a clarisonic brush and I LOVE it. You should look into it

  2. i'm interested, but it's a bit expensive! where did you buy yours?

  3. Lol, funny story!

    I am a picker too! Probably the worst person to ask about this! Haha

  4. Hee hee! Funny story - that's awesome! And as far as zits, I'm the same as Lauren. I have no idea but please share if you find a good solution. Good luck!

  5. Oh I also thought about cross-stitching. It's cool, but takes time.

    Have a good day! :)

  6. OMG!!!!! That is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom would have DIED!!!! ALong the same 8 year old was using hand lotion called satin hands and was telling my 5 year old it was called Satan hands.....hahahahaha

  7. Oh my oh my! With auto spell, who hasnt sent a few texts that are nothing like we intended them to be. Very funny.

  8. ahahahahaha so funny! I'm like you I pick at mine too. lol. I have heard that putting toothpaste, or salt water on the helps. I have never tried it so I don't know how well it works. :)

  9. lauren, i ended up picking, but with q-tips to be gentle. it's under my eye where the skin is more sensitive, apparently.=)

    heidi, i put a hot compress on it, then squeezed with very little pressure and some q-tips, just to get the gunk out. then i dabbed a little bit of coconut and tea tree oil on it. it seems to be on it's way to healing today, but still red with a little scab. i get my share of pimples, but this one was untameable! john said it looked like i had a black eye!

    malle, it does, and a lot of concentration! the project i am doing is on the smaller side with less stitches. it's really fun - i will email you about it.

    samantha! ha, i know, my mom was like i didn't know what to say!

    jane, and who hasn't sent texts to the wrong person!? how bad would it have been if i sent it to someone else, like my dad! aghhh!

    gg, salt water - great idea. i've used toothpaste in the past, but it didn't seem to help me. i tried everything, and none of it really helped. when i changed my diet i noticed less break-outs. before i would have NEVER put oil on my pimples, because i used to think that oily skin caused them. but coconut oil and tea tree oil are both anti-bacterial, and awesome!=)

    rick, =)

  10. Great lists! We usually leave our zits alone here, although popping is a huge temptation. Should dry up in a day or so.


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