Sunday, October 23, 2011

stella and zelda

on a recent trip to smithville my mom, niece alaina and i were pleasantly surprised to see a pet costume parade taking place. we met cuties named willy (like my late pup), bilbo baggins and isabella, and fell in love with two bulldog daisies: stella and zelda.


and it looks like the feeling was mutual!


  1. It looks like fun!
    I still have not bought costumes for the boys. I really need to get it done, but they are SO expensive!
    I wish I was one of those moms who created amazing costumes, but I don't have the time!

  2. So sweet!! I would have loved to see the Bilbo Baggins dog. Smithville seems likes a lovely place.

  3. Oh my goodness! So stinkin cute!

  4. cute bullies!

    hope you are having a good fall.


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