Thursday, October 20, 2011

thursday harvest

before heading to the community garden today, i ate a yummy bowl of mexican pizza leftovers with fresh bell pepper, heirloom tomato and cilantro from muth's csa. (our pizzas were simply sauteed mushrooms and bell pepper with back bleans, atop a raw pizza crust smothered in guacamole. mucho yummo.)

i'm so grateful to still be harvesting lots of goodies. as our first expected frost is just a few weeks away, i'm really taking it all in.

we've been using great big heads of escarole like the one above with cannelini beans and veggies for phenomenal fall soups. i make jumbo batches and pack it in jars to bring with me for lunch.

these beauties are from volunteer plants in my home flower garden. does anyone know what they are?

the zinnias in the flower garden are still putting out buds and vibrant blooms. (i'm still shocked over what anne said about 'em... that zinnias are the only flowers she and susan the hired woman aren't friends with. can you believe it?! blasphemy.)

and so here we are finally at thursday's harvest: escarole, arugula (more like arugul-ugh - i'm so sick of it) blue curled and red russian kale, collard greens, sunset lettuce, plantain, peas, and jalapenos from a neighboring plot.

today's home garden harvest was oregano, carrots and spearmint. i've got a cute idea for handmade gifts that has something to do with dried mint leaves and jars. but first i must master the sewing machine.


  1. Looks so good. I can't wait to see what you do with the dried herbs. You are so crafty.

  2. I'm jealous of your fresh produce! Our garden is done so it's back to buying at the store! :(

  3. Beautiful pictures! Especially the first one. I want to eat like you. But I'm too lazy for that. :P

    Anne said that? Now you've finished all the books, haven't you? I wish I could do that, but unfortunately there aren't any other parts in my library, only the first and second one...and the last one. How weird is that?? I looked on eBay, but they're all too expensive for me. *Sigh*

  4. this week we had (organic csa) romaine, a bag of various salad greens, 2 eggplants, 2 green peppers, a big bag of apples, carrots, kale, cauliflower (with all the beautiful greens) and radishes. mushrooms bought separately :)

    thanks for the email yesterday, i replied, i love our discourse...

  5. Mmm, I want that salad! You can have my cilantro though. ;) Love all the pics! I can't remember what the mystery flower is (I'll have to ask Sam if he knows) but we have them too. Good looking carrots.

  6. Oh wow, I love your garden and everything you harvested!!! Beautiful! I have only a mini garden right now in my small rental.

  7. oh man .....all that lettuce makes me want a salad now!!!!


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