Thursday, October 27, 2011

tomato sammies

what makes the end of the csa season so sad is saying goodbye to our tomato sammies.


'til next year, you delicious little monsters.

these sandwiches are heirloom tomato, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, liberal amounts of salt and pepper, and a yummy cashew cheeze sauce (leftover from cheezy kale chips) on toasted sprouted ezekiel bread. a nice mix of raw and cooked.

an all raw version:

 on dehydrated pumpkin seed bread with crunchy kale chips

a cooked/fried version:

on whole grain bread with tater tots 

tomato sandwiches are also great with eggplant bacon, vegan mayo, cole slaw or sliced avocado. pair with a bowl of veggie soup for a hearty, homey meal.


i'd like to say thanks for your tips and laughs on the last post with my blemish issue, and for not thinking i was totally gross and removing me from your blog list.=) i'm happy to say it's feeling much better, though it's still a sight to see. less red though and on it's way to healing. 

of course i squeezed it but gently this time with cotton swabs. then i dabbed a bit of coconut oil and tea tree oil on it before i went to bed. if you see me, please laugh at it and don't pretend it's not there. let's just acknowledge it and move on, mmmk?=)


  1. we feel the same way. ever since we found this amazing sprouted spelt bread, we've been making tomato sammiches nonstop. now the tomatoes are gone, and we're already looking for substitutions like grilled cheese from The Uncheese Cookbook.

  2. Delicious! I have 2 tomatoes left on my window sill, from my garden! I need a sandwich! :)

  3. Ok I need one of those pumpkin seed bread sammies!!!! Wow that looks great! As do the others but since I don't eat bread I'll take the raw one :)

  4. Wowza! Those sandwiches look goooood! You know me - I love tomatoes on bread, and that first one especially is calling my name.

  5. you're funny - just acknowledge it and move on... :)

    Those sandwiches look good! I'll take raw or unraw...both I KNOW are divine!

  6. I'd love to try these sandwiches! Especially the raw ones.


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