Friday, January 14, 2011

we interrupt your daily program...

for 9 and a half minutes of deprogramming.


  1. Just wishing you an awesome weekend and thanks for sharing the video! xoxox

  2. i can't see that at work but i imagine it's the vid from the new icke newsletter...correct? ;)

    lady we have so much talking to do, and i wanna meet join. us "Awarians" should band together sooner than later.

  3. Wow! This video gave me chills...very thought provoking! Thank you for sharing. :)

  4. He said "Just look at us, everything is backwords, everything is upside down."...and it truly is and yes so very many of us do need to be deprogrammed. Thank you for sharing this video clip.:) Oh, and I loved his sheep analogy.

  5. thanks averie. you too!

    rick - it sure is. ha, i'm also an aQUarian!=)

    we all need to band together, my friend. no more separation between vegans and non-vegans!=)

    ashley - me too. i'm so glad you enjoyed it.

    mr h. - that's a great quote, and the sheep part gives me chills. i love how the video points out what little power the "sheepdogs" really have.


  6. Thanks for sharing the video. Many of these topics have been discussed in our house, including the sheep analogy. so very interesting - if people only knew...or were willing to wake up. Anyway...thanks again for sharing.

  7. I think we are starting to wake up slowly. I'm starting to see more and more of these types of messages. For those of you with cable did you happen to see on the History Channel "Prophets of Doom"? A real eye opener! I think you can rent it. It was released in 2010. Very recent footage they even talked about the PG&E explosion we had here in San Bruno CA last summer.

  8. heidi - i'm glad you enjoyed the video, and that you and ys discuss these things too. some say it's negative, though it's really quite the opposite!

    liisa - i just found it on youtube. i'll check it out. thanks!

  9. Dr. Brian Clement was just talking to our Living Foods Group about our freedoms being taken away every second of every day here in the US.And he was shocking many with the facts. I am glad that the reality is coming out and we all need to wake up and fight for our God given rights--health and survival.
    Like the speaker on the video, I say light a candle, and don't let ANYONE blow it out!
    Peace & Raw Joy,


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