Sunday, January 16, 2011

sunday lunch

after a breakfast of kombucha and coffee (not together), john and i went to our favorite organic juice cafe. (ok, it may be the only local juice cafe, but we love it.=)

unfortunately, it's not animal-friendly. the only animal-friendly places i know in my vicinity use gmo's, and are very far from raw. it just makes more sense to make these things ourselves at home... but it's also a nice break to go to animo juice!

for me, the house salad with hummus, sprouts and sunflower seeds, with a shot of wheatgrass and lime light (carrot, apple, celery, lime, ginger).

(crap photo. my apologies!)

john had a pb and j with bananas and the garden state (apple, carrot, greens) .

do you take advantage of the local organic places in your area? are you limited like us?


  1. Imagine a coffee and kombucha together!

    Limited? Not really, but we went recently to Vantra (new raw friendly restaurant in Soho). We opted to stay raw and our food was good, but I could have easily made it myself at home. I was (I confess) more tempted by the cooked vegan options. Next time we go perhaps I'll have a combo :-)

  2. I know the feeling only to well(I dream of having acres of land to grow all my own produce:), Kelli! You haven't done too badly there thought(gotta count our blessings:)


  3. antony - that would be quite a drink! a combo sounds perfect!;)

    cosmic - me too! i'm blessed to have animo juice and a natural health food store, my little square foot gardens and my organic csa. thanks for reminding me.=)


  4. Looks so very good. I am so wanting some fresh crisp veggies, but my vow to only eat my own has me eating limp home canned veg. Come on spring. You post made my mouth water.

  5. I love your fresh juices! I try to buy organic as much as possible. I like to buy from farers arkets but there is not any during this time of year here because it is too cold. I can't wait for summer!

  6. jane - wow, that's commitment!

    hi carissa, same here!

  7. I do my best to choose organic first, along with vegan of course, yet sometimes I know I must be getting non-organic...there's just no guarantee. But in some ways, though very lucky in others. :o)

  8. I don't think we have organic caf├ęs at all, but we have many shops where organic products are sold. They are quite expensive though.

  9. Sounds really good and healthy. It would be the perfect appetizer to my cheeseburger and fries. Ha. JUST KIDDING!

  10. I have got to try the Kombucha one of these days. Nice meal, most restaurants where I live have animal heads hanging off the would hate it...I do.

  11. We have a few vegan friendly places, but we travel a lot to NYC for the best goodies!

  12. ms. a - you're right, there really is no guarantee. you just do your best.=)

    lela - organic is more expensive here as well, but good health is worth it.=)

    clint - why do i have the feeling you're not kidding?!=) just remember, cholesterol is the animals' revenge...;)

    mr. h - i could send you kombucha starter and directions if you'd like!

    lauren - i'd still like to visit pure food and wine, but i'm not the biggest fan of nyc. too much stimulation for me!=)

  13. In my town there is nothing but 1/2 hour away there are tons of great restaurants and shops that I like to take advantage of!!!
    Your picts make me want juice now:)

  14. We have a handful of places here but I really only patron two.
    Your meals sounded great though--too bad they aren't animal-friendly, bummer.
    Peace & Raw Health,

  15. melissa - have you been to toronto? raw/vegan heaven!

    elizabeth - good thing you have some options! i can't imagine feeding a family every day. it must feel like a full-time job!

  16. Thank you so much for the offer but we know of an Asian store in town that carries this and I think we will be heading that way in the next couple weeks. I will let you know what I think of it.:)

  17. totally limited. the animal friendly restaurants in denver use mainly organic food, but will not ensure food is gmo-free. we don't have any juice bars in denver except for the whole foods i work at as well.

  18. I think that as soon as you start trying to eat more eco-centric, you get limited. There are decisions around every corner. Do I eat the new vegan, soy and gluten-free chocolate bar that I love, or do I put it back on the shelf because it's not fair trade? Decisions rule every part of our day and it's very stressful! I'm with you, that sometimes you have to make exceptions. Simply eating the way we do is helping the Earth A LOT!!!


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