Monday, January 24, 2011

music monday: with a child's heart

this song was introduced to me at a young age by my father, a man with great taste in music.=) he added the ballad to some home movies my grandfather captured. i've always loved the innocent feel of the piano, the tinkering bells and michael's young voice. as i got older, the lyrics began to touch me as a gentle reminder to enjoy the present moment, as children so naturally do.

michael jackson: with a child's heart

With a child’s heart
Go face the worries of the day
With a child’s heart
Turn each problem into play
No need to worry
No need to fear
Just being alive
Makes it all so very clear

With a child’s heart
Nothing can ever get you down
With a child’s heart
You’ve got no reason to frown
Love is as welcome
As a sunny, sunny day
No grown up thoughts
To lead our hearts astray

Take life easy
So easy
Nice and easy
Like a child
So gay and so carefree

The whole world smiles with you
As you go your merry way
Oh, with a child’s heart
Nothing’s gonna get me down


  1. it reminds me that he really did live his entire life in the public eye

  2. poor MKULTRA, mind-controlled pawn. so sad that he had no chance to live his own life; his handlers created him. the symbolism shown in his images, songs and more showed a boy who was never allowed to grow up. he was destroyed and then murdered by the powers that be. murdered because his programmnig started to break down and he wanted to show the world the truth.

  3. It's a wonderful song! Thanks for sharing beautiful music, Kelli! By the way, I sent you an email. :)

  4. What does being an ALLEGED 'MK Ultra pawn' have to do with how great of a song this is, in addition to the many others MJ has blessed us with?! It appears you missed the point, Rick, while attempting to 'expose' the "story behind the story."

  5. Great song of innocence and joy. Thanks, Kelli!

  6. Aw, I miss MJ! Thanks for sharing and posting the words. Such a sweet song.

  7. The present moment is so important, indeed.

    BeaUtiful reminder!

  8. I do love Michael Jackson's earlier work! Although I don't know if anythign will ever beat the ABC 123 Jackson 5 song :P

  9. Love this song. I also really like Ben too. Do you know that one?

  10. I love this song and Michael Jackson..This is a great way to start my day..Thanks Kelli..XOXO

  11. robyn - yes, i love ben too!=)

    anonymom - glad you enjoyed it.=)



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