Monday, January 17, 2011

efoods global

you may have noticed a new logo on the right of my page for efoods global.

john and i are investing in food to ensure we always have quality, gmo-free nourishment. through some friends we heard positive things about efoods global and decided to try it for ourselves.

if you're interested, you can order a 6-meal sample for free (shipping costs $10).

we tried the tortilla soup last night and thought it was really tasty! a bit high in sodium as it is on the saltier side, which they are working on, but overall very good.

the food is:
1. GMO-free
2. all vegetarian (any reference to meat is plant-based)
3. good for 15+ years!

unfortunately, not all meals are dairy- or gluten-free, though some are. i've contacted efoods global about putting together all-vegan or all-gluten-free (or both) packages and will let you know what i hear back.

• Minestrone Soup
• Pasta Fagoli Soup
• Italian Chicken Soup
• Vegetable Beef Stew w/Potatoes

• Creamy Potato Soup
• Cheddar Potato Soup
• Broccoli Cheddar Soup
• Tortilla Soup
• Corn Chowder Soup
• Cheesy Chicken & Rice Casserole
• Au Gratin Potatoes

you can go to their site to learn more. i'm not crazy about the video as it depicts earning a large profit as the primary goal, which it is not for us. like i said, i'm ensuring my family (and others interested) quality food during tough times.

if you think of ordering, we would greatly appreciate it if you ordered through our link, which will give us a small commission. thanks a bunch!=)


  1. what an interesting company - thanks for sharing about it! I'd never heard of them before...but definitely something to look into.

  2. sounds like a good company to link up with - enjoy!

  3. I like GMO-free food!

  4. I would like to try it. Can we sign me up for it on Friday?

  5. candice - my pleasure!

    antony - thanks!

    jane - you're welcome.

    lela - me too!=)

    miss - i planned on talking to you about it friday. i 7had a feeling you'd be interested.=)

  6. I am going to check this company out! :)

    P.S. I've given you an award!

  7. Very cool!! There needs to be more companies like these!!


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