Tuesday, January 18, 2011

coffee coconut ice cream with irish moss

utterly delicious, and dairy-free!

1 1/4 C strong black coffee
1/4 C coconut flakes
1/2 C young coconut meat
1/4 C coconut water
3 pitted dates
3 heaping T irish moss gel
1 T raw coconut butter
1 T maple syrup
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
pinch of salt

blend first two ingredients well. add remaining ingredients and blend until smooth. process in an ice cream maker or simply place in freezer, stirring every so often.

top with raw chocolate shavings and enjoy the buzz!

if coffee isn't for you, replace with water and add a bit more vanilla, to taste.


2 oz soaked irish moss
1 C water

rinse irish moss well and soak overnight in the fridge. chop into pieces and process in a high speed blender until completely smooth and gel-like, stopping to scrape down the sides. store in fridge about a week or so.

+nouveau raw posted a great guide for irish moss gel here.

++edit: here is a great source for raw irish moss. (pure joy planet)


  1. coffee coconut...interesting combo. since i don't drink coffee, i'll try the water option :D

  2. Sounds really, really good. And something different and creative. Excellent!

  3. Oh my gosh, this looks so amazing I can't even begin to imagine the taste! I adore *strong* coffee-flavoured sweets, and raw vegan ice cream? Yes please! Sadly I don't have an ice-cream maker and wouldn't have a clue where to get Irish Moss here in Canberra... Ah well, a girl can dream!

  4. yummy yummy yummy! I know YS would *love* this! Ever since he saw your version of the coffee ice cream cake. ;) I still have the old (wrong) irish moss that I never returned so I need to pick up the right stuff so I can make this. Mmm....

  5. mmm mmm mmm yummy a great seasonal *'treat' for family celebrations and occasions for sure!

    *Not usually a coffee drinker enthusiast but might make exceptions for this fab recipe at Christmas etc. as a 'one off'(it's very enticing indeed:)

    Thanks Kelli:)



  6. Oh this looks so very good! Glad I found your blog!

  7. rick - or maybe you could use orange juice! vanilla/orange/coconut? mmm!

    thanks clint!=)

    hannah - i didn't use my ice cream maker, and you can order irish moss online at pure joy planet!

    heidi - i ordered a 1 lb bag over a year ago and i still have over 1/2 a bag left! it keeps well in the freezer, and you can get a 1/2 lb bag at pure joy planet.

    cosmic - i bet no one will guess it's vegan.;)

    hi alicia - so glad you stopped by and commented! welcome!=)


  8. Mmmmmm...sounds so so good, Kelli. Thank you
    for so generously sharing.

    Sending love your way.


  9. I so have to try this ... I haven't used Irish moss yet, and this would be perfect.

  10. oh my, what a delicious sounding recipe. coconut+coffee= pretty much amazing.

  11. I have been in the mood for something creamy. This looks delicious.

  12. Kelli, that sounds amazing. I quit coffee cold turkey so perhaps I could try a swiss water decaf--I'll just pretend to feel the buzz!!
    Peace & Raw Health,

  13. my pleasure, julia, and thank you.=)

    lisa - you could probably use 1 T soy lecithin instead, but it won't be as creamy.

    griffen - my thoughts exactly!=)

    jane - it's amazing how creamy this is, for not having any dairy.

    thanks melissa!

    @elizabeth =)=)=)

    @everyone =)xo=)xo=)xo love you guys!

  14. Yum! I had never heard of irish moss before.

  15. Oh this looks so good! whenever I get back onto coffee i'm definitely going to want to make this :-)

  16. lela - it's like a vegan gelatin full of nutrients. it's also great on the skin, for soothing sunburn and moisturizing!

    antony - it's so good, i'm making it again tomorrow. maybe this time i'll get a photo before we eat it all!=)

  17. Sounds great!! Did you buy it online? I have no idea where to get some. :(

  18. Just got an icecream maker (to make vegan icecream). This recipe sounds great. I like the unusual combination of coffee and coconut. I'm sure it's delicious. Now I just have to get some irish moss..

  19. ladies - here is a great source for raw irish moss. (pure joy planet)

    i bought the 1 lb bag over a year ago and still have half a bag left. it keeps well in the freezer. i'm sure a 1/2 lb bag would be sufficient, and it's really not necessary to buy the guide, as all the info is online.


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