Thursday, January 27, 2011

i can't take it.

the cuteness.

it's just. too. much.

comparing my creations and photos to memi the rainbow's leaves me feeling a bit nerdy.

but alas, i am a bit lot nerdy... and that's ooo-tay!

'sides, emma and eddie are pretty cool, no?=)

do you embrace and love your inner-nerd? do you let him/her shine?=)

well ya should. i do, and it's just super!;)

since we're on the subject...

seven nerdy facts about me:

+i don't own a working tv.
+i do watch reruns of pete and pete online.
+the best film i've seen recently was an old documentary on the amish. loved it.
+i went through a phase of total book obsession. i fantasized about the library and read while walking. through stores.
+in 5th grade, i organized my 90210 posters in a binder by cast members, favorite to least favorite (dylan to andrea - though i was most like andrea, hehe=). 
+also in 5th grade, i wore big purple glasses that were super-glued twice in the middle. i loved those specs.
+as long as i have a cd collection, ace of base stays.

disclaimer: i am in no way labeling fans of the aforementioned nerds. accept maybe ace of base, but only if you're american.=)

share your nerdiness! what is something you do/say/wear that may be considered "nerdy" by the mainstream?

c'mahhhn, let 'em shine!=)

note: i allow the seven facts to fulfill the requirements of two awards i've received (most versatile and most stylish blogger). thanks rick 'the health sleuth' and ashley of taste for healthy and backyard bliss! i pass both awards along to everyone, because you're all pretty awesome in my book;)


  1. the one and only ace of base cd that we have--i have all of the songs memorized from years ago...pretty scary.
    peace & raw health,

    ps your felt creations are quite amazing!

  2. I remember listening to Ace of Base singles in the library tape deck in middle school. Those were the times.

    I suppose all my hemp gear is a little nerdy, as are my Harry Potter books among other things. And I'd like to watch the documentary on the Amish. I am fascinated with them.

  3. I'd like to watch that documentary on the Amish as well.
    I think my interest in raw food is considered a little odd

    Cool felt creations

  4. ha ha! Fun post! And embracing my inner nerd - well, I suppose I do that but I think of myself more of a dork. :) I loved Ace of Base but could be because I also love ABBA. ha! At the moment, we don't have a tv either but there is the computer...I love to do the robot. Wait, did I just say that out loud?!

  5. I don't watch TV a lot literally just the occasional show..but my inner nerd is seen this way. If Im not watching documentarys I love shows like The Big Bang Theory or IT Crowd :D

  6. me = meganerd

    1. only 1 working tv, no cable, satellite or antenna

    2. haven't read fiction in over two years yet still average a book a week.

    3. enjoy nights in my apartment with intelligent conversation over going out anywhere, anytime

    4. i'm a self-proclaimed sleuth who researches for fun...don't know anyone who does that...

    5. i feel a deep connection with others who admit being a "nerd." in america, that group gets smaller every day as the masses absorb brainwashing and programming intending to eliminate analytical thought processes.

  7. I guess I'm not a nerd, but I do love documentaries. Saw one yesterday called "Restrepo", about an American platoon in Afghanistan---"One Valley, One Platoon, One Year". It was gut-wrenching and incredibly well done. God bless.

  8. Each day I get a little further off the map, so to speak. They may not even have a term for me. But I don't care. I was never 'normal'.

  9. I'm finally learning to embrace the unique nerd that I am!


  10. all that she wants is another! la la

  11. Oh, yes! To embracing our inner nerd. I love this post and I love that you're embracing this endearing side of yourself--and sharing it with us.

    I really think it's about embracing it ALL, don't you?

  12. Oh, I'm a complete nerd! The obvious one is my academic record, but the more fun example is that I wish someone would mess up my bookshelves so I could go and alphabetize them again :D

  13. elizabeth - they were very catchy tunes!=) ps - thank you.=)

    bitt - i still haven't gotten into harry potter books, though i like the movies. i'm usually behind on those things.

    antony - it was fascinating. yes, my food is a little odd to some too.

    thanks heidi! i'd love to see you do the robot! mine can use some practice.=)

    hey mel - the mainstream shows i watch are modern family and kitchen nightmares. they're entertaining but obnoxious at the same time.=)

    rick - you, a nerd? nooo. hehe. same here, except number #2. right now i'm reading anne of green gables. extra nerdy points for me!=)

    hi clint - i've heard of that one. war movies/documentaries upset me, so i'm better off not watching, though i do think and pray for our troops everyday. we need to bring them home. we can't fight for peace. i liken it to a parent beating a child for hitting other kids and expecting the violence to stop. it's ludicrous.

    jane - and that's why i like you.=)

    griffen - you know it!;)

    cosmic - =)

    runnerbean - LOL!!!

    thanks julia. it sure is about embracing it all. i'm getting there.=)

    hannah - you nerd!=) that's too funny!


  14. Hahaha..funny post and comments! The purple glasses... When they broke, you were very upset! I took you for new ones and promised you would find another that you would like. Well, you were so disappointed to find nothing to compare to those adorable little glasses. They ordered the same frame for you to put your lenses in. You kept telling the dr. over and over they are not the same. You never felt the same love for the new pair because it was a 1/2 shade different in color..haha You looked at those glasses more than you looked through them. I guess we should have told you they were going to be almost the same...I love my little nerd..

  15. Emma and Eddie are very cool! I'm kinda nerd, too! And it's fun to be one!

  16. mom - ha! the first time was during a kickball accident, the second time was when that boy sam attacked me with a big hug. remember that?! ps - the opt. called them indigo, not purple, which made me think they were even cooler. thank u for helping me pick them out, and loving your lil nerd always.=) xoxoxoxo

    thank you lela! it sure is!=)

  17. Kelli, this is an amazing post. I think we all have more nerd in us than we like to admit. However, I am now at an age where I would rather be a nerd than not. I love to read, and do it while walking a good bit. I also love scrabble and play it way to much for my own good.
    PS. I have Ace of Base on my ipod.

  18. thank you mandy! yes, we've been conditioned to feel funny about being "different". i love scrabble too, and i'm delighted to know there are so many other ace of base fans still around!=)


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