Tuesday, October 19, 2010

infinite love is the only truth...

everything else is illusion.

this quote sums up our favorite author/researcher david icke, whom we had the privilege of seeing sunday in new york city.

by mainstream standards david is considered controversial, though personally, john and i find him to be inspiring and the message he delivers empowering... peacefully standing up to injustice while choosing love over fear.

i was going to post a video of david speaking, but instead chose this beautiful video he used to start the show. the information he shares may not be for everyone, but love surely is.=)


  1. omg. we have to meet and talk. icke is one of the most amazing minds i've had the pleasure of reading. i've never seen him before, and although his subject matter is extremely divisive, the evidence he presents is hard to deny. Have you read his latest book? I haven't had a chance to pick it up yet, but the Moon Matrix stuff that he talks about is mind-blowing (i've seen a few excerpts online). we REALLY need to get an email correspondence going - i had NO IDEA you're into Icke. I suppose that means you're probably into other authors that I'm into as well!

  2. Hello Love ♥ Wanna thank you for the comment you left when I was absent...Love you Girl ♥
    I have never heard of Icke! Amazing stuff...
    MWAH ♥


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