Tuesday, October 26, 2010

homemade halloween cards

reading averie's post yesterday reminded me of how much i loved greeting cards as a child. i would save them and cut them up to make new ones. i always felt it was kind of silly to buy cards from the store when you can just make them yourself!

a few years ago i got into scrapbooking. i was also a first grade teacher and still have lots of arts and crafts supplies. itching to get crafty, the idea struck to make some textural halloween cards for my niece, alaina, and the two littles ones i sit using only materials i had in the house.

alaina is going as cinderella this year. like most little girls these days, she's really into princesses (much to my chagrin). but that didn't stop me from making her a pretty princess card - the pumpkin coach was too perfect to pass up! 

(i should have signed 'your fairy godmother', since i am her godmother. doh!)

evie just turned 2 a little over a week ago. she really likes a scarecrow doll decoration and the color purple, so i created this card for her.

three-year-old j.t. (more commonly called "bubby") loves playing with a ceramic haunted house. he told me that he has decided to be a ghost for halloween. he also wanted to be a robot and a telephone, so we'll have to wait and see what his final decision is!=)

(i can't take full credit for this creation, as i used this card for guidance.)

the napkin ghosts and pipe cleaner bat were my idea=)

amazing the fun you can have with some scraps, stickers, scissors and glue! 

ps - i updated my blog look to encompass more of my interests. hope you like!=)


  1. Oh my gosh! Those are so stinkin cute!!!! I love making homemade cards and you're inspiring me to make some. Just have to pull out my supplies from the garage. :/ Anyway, those cards are just too cute and Alaina, Evie and JT will love receiving them. Making each personal makes them even more special.

  2. I am so with you - I always make cards! Can't stand to buy them. Even if they're super simple, they're still so much more personal than one's you buy. Plus they save so much money!

    I especially love the scarecrow one - so cute!

  3. Love, love, love the cards. And the new blog look is great too.

  4. Your cards are great! I love the pumpkin coach idea.

    And the header is fun too. I love the crafty side of you. We are all more than just food!

  5. OMG your new layout and look is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    The header...is sooo beautiful! Major props!

    thanks for the linkback..glad i inspired you. Clearly you are a creative genius! I love this "using only materials i had in the house."--AMEN for not going out and buying more stuff. I do that with recipes, posting one like that tomorrow :)

    And I like your blogroll list b/c I always stumble on blogs that are new to me from your list. I know some of those blogs, but others are new.

    Anyway your cards, your new blog layout, the header...all fab!

  6. Soooo adorable!! I love these!!!!!

    Love the new header too!!! :)

  7. Adorable cards. I love them!!! And I love your picture collage too. I love everything. Ha!!!

  8. aw thanks averie! i follow some pretty great blogs, don't i?;)

    thanks lauren and miss!

  9. OMG!! kelli!
    I love this post!!
    And look at you go! Those cards are awesome!!
    A lot of work - and love - went into those!! That's obvious!
    Happy Halloween to you, my friend.
    (Thanks for stopping by my blog!)

  10. love love love the new look, the new energy it radiates.....so wonderful to discover more of you kelli!! and those cards are brilliant, i'm sure they are going to make the girls very happy :-) xox

  11. thanks neeta! you're so sweet! xo

  12. Nice cards, too bad we sent one off to our grandson already as this would have been much more fun. I love your new header pictures...really neat.:)

    Also, we have been reading a very interesting book written way back in 1967 called "The Health Secrets of a Naturopathic Doctor" by M. O. Garten (a raw foodist). if you ever get a chance to read it I think you might find it interesting.

  13. thanks, mr h! i'll look into getting a copy.

  14. such cute cards, and oh my goodness, you have an apple cobbler recipe below. I NEED TO MAKE IT.

    Hope you're doing well :D


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