Monday, October 11, 2010

gluten-free waffles and ice cream

having enjoyed nature's path cereals, john and i decided to give their gluten-free waffles a try. they were in the freezer section of our whole foods and from what i remember, vegan and fairly inexpensive.

though we never ate them with maple syrup like we'd planned.

all six waffles were:

slathered in peanut butter/loaded with strawberry-banana soft serve/sprinkled with powdered sugar

...which was totally fine by me.=)


  1. looks so delicious, might have to try this!

  2. GF waffles...nice! I need those in my life!

    and of course, must top them the way you do!

    oh and my tattoo lady having a little cat-like ness to her..i agree...just makes her more mysterious :)

  3. Who said waffles need maple syrup. Maybe those nooks are for holding ice cream anyway.

  4. YUM!! I use to buy those waffles all the time, this was a great idea! :)

  5. Can't wait to get some and try them. Still good for Thursday? Marlie is getting a fall photo shoot done tomorrow so hopefully you will see some new pics. on the blog. :)

  6. Oh my goodness - these look so good!

  7. I do believe I could scarf down all six of those by myself!
    I'm just sayin'.

  8. Yummy! And hey, we just had some nearly gf waffles for dinner tonight! Too bad I didn't do the same to mine as yours. ;)

  9. I love strawberry banana soft-serve, maybe even a little more than I love waffles:) That looks delicious!

  10. Looks good. I feed the 5 kids gluten free and slip them loads of my raw foods.
    If the waffles are dairy free I will give them to the kids to try.
    Peace and RAW Health,


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