Thursday, October 14, 2010


the weather was so nice earlier this week - almost summer-like. i spent a beautiful day with my mom, grandmom, and niece alaina...

... and lots and lots of butterflies!

when we weren't chasing butterflies or admiring flowers, alaina and i played in the sandboat her pop-pop don made her.

alaina showed me how to make "lovie pie", then made me a birthday cake and told me to blow out the candles.=)

after a rainshower, my mom suggested that she and alaina go look for rainbows - and they found one!

what blessings have you received lately?


  1. wow, what gorgeous butterfly pics, and quite an awesome little lady as well! i love posts like this...makes me think of all i'm blessed with. my immediate family is all healthy, my nephews are bundles of joy, i have been able to keep my job in this despicable economic climate, and i keep meeting lovely people like yourself. here's to all of life's blessings <3

  2. That sandboat is the cutest thing ever. Alaina has the best Pop-pop. I always feel blessed with a warm house, good food, friends, family and fur. Lots and lots of fur and a few feathers too.

  3. this is my most favoritist post EVER! So sweet and every pic was amazing and beautiful. Love the sandboat! I want one. hee hee! My blessings - well, there's so many but my #1 right now is my hubby. He is of incredible strength and just amazing all around that i feel incredibly blessed he's in my life. :) Loved this post Kelli!

  4. Wow! Beautiful pictures!! We planted a butterfly bush in our front yard last year. I love looking out the window and seeing all the butterflies around. We had a ton of baby ones this year! I have so many blessings! My soon to be baby, my hubby, my pup! :)Life is good!

  5. butterfly and niece sweet.

  6. Aw, I love the butterflies. Especially the pic of the purple flower with the butterfly on it - so beautiful! Glad you had such a blessed day:)

  7. Thank you for these lovely photos!! Butterflies are all so beautiful. I like one fairy-tale what tells that butterflies are petals of flowers which just decided to fly into air. Alaina seems to be really sweet, children are full of pure creativity! You are a wonderful person, Kelli! Thanks for inspiration!

  8. Those photographs are stunning!
    And what a gorgeous little girl!
    I love the picture of her trying to kiss the butterfly. Too cute.
    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
    Always much appreciated.

  9. I love all those butterflies..stunning!
    Alaina is so precious! Love that sand boat and the lovie pie:)
    Blessings I have received lately have been so many...Junior coming back from being deathly ill. My great aunt making me a huge batch of vegan cookies last night:) Just people caring has been big for me!!

  10. you weren't kidding about the butterflies...i wish i had taken pictures of the thousands in my yard...wish i had gotten a pic of the one that landed on my head...

    love you...

    thanks for the smile...

  11. comments from all of you are blessings!


  12. Wow, you really have an amazing variety of butterflies out there. I did not see very many this summer for some year they will come. I feel blessed to have had a good garden harvest and really blessed to have had nice weather in which to work.

  13. that sand boat is so cute. and look at all of the beautiful things you are surrounded by.

  14. So beautiful, and tell Pop Pop Don that the Sand Boat idea is amazing and my kids would flip!

  15. oh gosh, a love pie, what a sweetheart :-)

    That sand boat is AMAZING! I want one!


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