Saturday, October 16, 2010

final weeks of muth's csa and a new kitten nephew

week 15
savoy cabbage, dinosaur kale, collard, green leaf lettuce, fennel, kabocha squash, red bell pepper, tomatoes

week 16
more savoy cabbage, romaine, arugula, radish, red leaf lettuce, pattypan squash, tomatoes, bell peppers
also pictured: a bag of local spinach from a farm market

purchasing a medium basket for muth's weekly csa last winter was a wise investment. it felt like a lot of money at the time, but the experience was well worth it. (the price averaged to a smidge over 24 dollars a week).

i loved going to the farm and seeing where my food was grown. the produce was of the highest quality and grown organically. i was also introduced to some new favorites like canary melon, white bell pepper and kabocha squash. 

(if you'd like to see the bounty i brought home each week, click here.)

i'm thinking part of my resistance to the end of summer was the end of the csa. but as the saying goes, 'when one door closes, another opens', and i may have found a new source of local organic greens and brassicas. 

in other news, we have a new furry addition to our family! meet charlie.

isn't he adorable?! alaina's aunt missy found charlie and his siblings outside her home. i believe the mother was injured and had to be put down. =(

i get lots of emails from my local shelter looking for kitten fosters. i'd looove to foster kittens but i'm not sure how biggles would react. maybe talking to the people at the shelter would be a good idea. (duh =)

if anyone has fostered kitties, i'd love to hear your experience! how did your pets react to the house guests?


  1. wow i'm allergic to cat hair and dander, but that kitten is the cutest freakin thing i've ever seen!

  2. charlie is so cute!

    I have fostered cats and introduced new cats together. we had a separate room to introduce them slowly. we never left them alone together. there may be some hissing at first while they figure out the territory. you just have to do it slowly over time expose them more to each other. good for you for considering it!

  3. hey rick, i'm allergic to cats, too! when i brought biggles home over 12 years ago, the allergies were bad. i guess i've built up an immunity over the years.

    thanks aimee. i've read about introducing new cats. i do have a spare room i could keep them in, but biggles likes to sleep in there every so often. i'm mostly worried that the change could affect her already fragile health. but part of me feels she may enjoy having kitties around to play and snuggle with. i guess there's only one way to find out!

  4. Organic food is the best!

    We took a cat when there was already a rabbit at our place. They got along well. Though, sometimes they fought, but not seriously. Good friends.

  5. What a sweet kitty!!!! I wish I wasn't allergic, I'd love to have one (I wonder what Ginger would think!). Congrats!

  6. omg that kitty is so cute i thought it was a stuffed animal for a second...TOO CUTE!!!

  7. Your CSA is amazing. And Charlie is the cutest!

    (I'm loving cozying up indoors now, too. Today was extra chilly. My fleece vest was waiting for fuzzy use.)

  8. Oh how I love the looks of that table full of greens!! Yum!
    And the kitty! OMG! That picture is adorable with that big paw in the foreground! Ha!! Alaina's face is pure joy!!
    Love this post.

  9. Your new kitty is so cute and cuddly! My, that produce is awesome!

    We also have rescued another kitten too..about a month old....was on the side of a local highway!


  10. What a GORGEOUS pile of veggies! :)

  11. Love the new kitty pictures and I really love that yummy looking cake dessert ! Hmmmm

  12. Would you usually juice this produce or make it into a salad? I'm trying to find more variety but in low fat raw vegan recipes. Any insight would be appreciated :)



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