Sunday, January 11, 2015

winter greens

the best cure for the winter blues is a pleasant day like today. kati got me to go out for a walk, and i also spent time in the sunny kitchen making roasted veggies and a spicy bean chili. i did laundry and john dusted and vacuumed out of his own volition.

here's to more pleasant winter days all around!:)


p.s. the brussels sprouts stalk came from whole foods. i wish i could say we grew it!


  1. before I read the p.s. I thought you had grown the brussels. my john and I tried growing brussels a couple of years luck! I'm hating on the crazy temps right now, and am on my second awful I totally get the "winter blues"...

    love you!!!

  2. Look at those Sunbursts!!!!! I just now spotted Kati hiding at the base of that tree!!!! We want to kidnap her!!
    Beautiful photos Kelli.
    Sending you love!


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