Monday, January 19, 2015

around here

it's been all yarn and seeds over here lately. i'm trying to finish a bobble blanket for a friend's baby boy born last week as well as master the braided gladiator sandal pattern - after two years, three mess-ups and at least fifteen redo's, i've almost got it!

last year we started our brassica seeds (cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower) indoors under a shop light on february 22nd. since it felt like those plants could have used more time to mature before summer, i'm starting them early. a whole month early in fact. but now i'm wondering if this is too early. we shall see!

i also planted pansies and black-eyed susans. those seeds require stratification, a process of cold, winter treatment to mimic natural outdoor growing conditions, so they're siting in the fridge. yes, there are small pots of soil in my refrigerator, but only for a month!:)



  1. I want to plant seeds...but we have the house up for I think for this year I am going to take a break...

    I'm sad because I haven't had the opportunity to knit lately...I guess, life happens sometimes and so do poop storms...haha! Hopefully things get a little less insanely busy and I can join you in yarn heaven!!! <3

  2. You are so talented!!!
    Exciting about the early garden prep!!!
    I still have not planted anything. I'm very sad about that and need to correct this situation! LOL


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