Thursday, January 8, 2015

52 weeks of making - week one - winter wreath

inspired by the talented dani ives from be good natured blog, i've taken on a personal challenge to make something every week this year and share it with you here. i was going to call this "52 weeks of crafting" but i wanted to leave room for food and other things, you know, for those weeks i'm not feeling so crafty. 

our winter wreath was made with an old branch hoop that i had been temporarily decorating for years. one year it had little fabric ties... another time it was covered in fake gold poinsettias. this time i wanted something permanent and real on there, so i used the goldenrod flowers that were dried from the garden last summer and hot-glued on some tiny pine cones i had collected from outside. john recommended the fake berries (he remembered those from a previous wreath) and though i didn't want to add them at first, i like the way it all looks together now. what do you guys think?



  1. thank you nelly! i saw a jack fruit at whole foods today and it was enormous!

  2. It's just beautiful Kelli!!!! Wish I could hang out with you and craft!!! I'd enjoy that so much.


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