Wednesday, January 21, 2015

52 weeks of making - week three - granny square blanket

dear readers, i think it's finally time to put this blog to bed (no pun intended) and i'm glad to be finally showing you the granny square blanket i made for the guestroom that oh, only took me almost three years to put together! just like starting the blog, i had no idea what i was doing or getting myself into when i began this blanket, nor was i aware of all the energy it was going to take to make it good.

i started the 52 week challenge to get myself to blog more consistently, but to be honest, i'm sort of sick of this space! everything needs updating - the title, header, layout, my picture from 2011, and the cellphone i use to take my mediocre pictures. my computer skills/equipment in general could use a huge update actually. everything is changing too fast!

a friend once said to me you won't be great at something if you can't focus most of your attention on it. this is disheartening because there are so many things i want to do! unfortunately, revamping my blog is at the bottom of my list right now (but it's still on my list! i love blogs and will continue to read others!)

i want to thank my blogging buddies who have stuck around so long... elizabeth, nelly and cosmic... you have encouraged me and been faithful commenters for years! i also want to thank everyone else who read and showed me support... uncle george, aunt patti, uncle tommy, mom, dad, carol and anyone else i'm forgetting... it meant the world to know you visited my little old blog!:)

the past several years i've been mentally creating a new space to share my adventures with you. i've come up with dozens of quirky titles and have drawn out cute little logos. i may even check in here every once in awhile if i'm feeling up to it. (it's my blog and i'll do what i want!:)

so this isn't really goodbye... it's more like i'm giving myself permission to let this blogging thing go for now, without feeling i'm disappointing anyone or leaving too many loose ends. i just realized this is the last of my social media ties, so its gonna be like 1999 over here, which is funny because i've been thinking about scrapbooking and journaling like i did back then. it's great to openly share and have everything documented neatly on the web, but it's also nice to get more personal and have something tangible to pass on someday. so now scrapbooking is added to my list before blogging... as if i needed another hobby!

try not to miss me too much!:) though i will miss you!!!



  1. I could just cry!!!!!! I was heart broken when you left IG and was so happy that I'd still have you here on the blog!!!! I'm not trying to be selfish or make u feel bad but I guess I am selfish and I WANT MY KELLI!!!!! But I understand totally and have mad love for you so of course I only want what's best for you and what would truly make you happy but I'm not going to lie I'm very sad and I'm going to miss you and your blog tremendously!!!!!! I hope you'll visit every now and then so I don't feel like a totally lost my friend!
    By the way, the blanket is absolutely beautiful!!!!! You know I've always been blown away by your talent! And your photos rock!!!! You are no amateur my friend! Humble maybe, but no amateur! Sending u love!!!!!

  2. I'm with Elizabeth...I have tears in my eyes right now. Sheesh. I hope we can stay in touch...please tell me we can at least still email.

    Gorgeous blanket!!! I am blown away!

    You're awesomeballs! And I will miss you...but I hope, like I said above, we can stay in touch. Maybe you can come for another visit soon?

    I love thee!

  3. First, I will miss you. I've enjoyed your posts for years, even though I don't comment all the time. You are incredibly inspirational and I want to thank you for the seeds of inspiration you've planted in me throughout the years.

    Second, I completely understand. The internet in general, and Blog Land specifically, has changed so.very.much over the past few years and it is quite overwhelming to keep up with. I am reassessing my space as well, intend to go back to the original intentions of my blog, and drop all the hoopla.

    Anyhow, enjoy your new found freedom and extra time on your hands! I'll keep you in my reader for the times you *do decide to pop in.

    Happy Trails!

  4. The blanket turned out beautiful. I totally understand where you're coming from, writing in a blog takes quite a bit of mental space. I've let mine go more lately, and it's been a bit refreshing . I hope you enjoy your new ventures. xo


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