Saturday, January 3, 2015

recent eats

since it's usually dark by dinnertime, it's been hard to get a nice shot of our meals. the other day i was able to capture a semi-sunny picture of our steam-roasted vegetables pre-roasting. we're crazy about brussels sprouts, and i know we aren't the only ones! we really hope to grow some of our own this year, to eat and share.

there's the roasted brussels and carrots with rosemary and thyme plus a delicious quinoa salad i made with mango, avocado and coconut aminos. below is another variation with local potatoes. brussels sprouts are so yummy with dried cranberries!

we grew rutabagas for the first time last fall and have been enjoying them in all sorts of vegetable soups with beets and garden herbs.

this soup with red lentils, rutabaga, beets, and carrots was so good. we'll probably have it again this week.
i can eat vegetable soup everyday in the winter, especially when it contains lentils. a few weeks ago i sprouted green lentils to make a more easily digestible soup.

john has been helping with dinner, and one night he used leftover rice and frozen csa veggies to make us some scrumptious tacos topped with tapitio. mmm!
here's a healthier dessert he created for us a few nights ago - sliced bananas with peanut butter and chocolate chips. white chocolate is my favorite.

we are mindful to consume raw fruits and vegetables everyday, and i've been enjoying what i call supplement boats: superfood avocado halves filled with vitamin and mineral-rich sprinkles like pumpkin or hemp seeds, turmeric, kelp powder and nutritional yeast. i'm craving one now!

here's a shot of what i got last week from the whole foods salad bar. i love salad bars!

today i've got dried chick peas cooking in the crock pot, and i'm thinking about making another batch of kombucha tea. i'd also like to get my butt to the community garden to make mashed rutabaga for dinner, but if that doesn't happen i got potato flakes for back-up. oh, and i want to bake chocolate chip cookies for my johnny bear (like i won't be eating half of 'em:). are you making any messes in the kitchen this weekend?



  1. Everything looks so delicious I'm drooling and way to go john!!!! Glad to hear he's been busy in the kitchen too! Wink, wink.

  2. Wow, you are eating such beautiful food! That first Brussels sprouts shot looks like a bouquet. I've never seen an avocado dressed up so nicely. Such wonderful ideas.

  3. Real food captured beautifully, Kelli!


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