Saturday, July 3, 2010

food and freedom

hi chickies! i'm going to try to make this one brief... a hungry little biggles knocked a mug of water onto my laptop trying to wake me up for breakfast. it's in the shop hopefully getting repaired. i'm using johnny's desktop and he's got to use it too, so onto the food!

muth family farm organic csa week two: delicious organic blueberries ($3/pint and from another local farm), green onions, savoy cabbage, amaranth, endive, rainbow chard, cilantro, romaine, kale, zukes, cukes, yellow squash, golden squash, and sunburst squash.

aka pattypan squash

with my greens and new $17 salad spinner, we've been making lots of yummy salads. johnny boy had the brilliant idea to use the blueberries in a vinaigrette. a delight for the taste buds and eyes!=)

blissful blueberry vinaigrette

1/4 C + 2 T blueberries
2 T olive oil
2 T apple cider vinegar (i'm sure red wine and balsamic would also taste nice)
1 T agave or equivalent of your favorite sweetener

process in blender until smooth.

the dressing was made with philip's honey mustard dressing in mind. just four easy to remember ingredients. simple is scrumptious in the summer - i want to enhance the flavor of my fresh ingredients, not overpower them!

below is philip's honey mustard dressing with a tsp of irish moss (above, without). the irish moss added creaminess without changing the flavor.

don't own the raw food salad bar yet? win it here!


as you may have heard, i am driving to toronto next weekend to meet up with nelly, heathy and a few other  lady bloggers. (yippee!) since i may or may not have a laptop, i am going to pick and announce the winner of the raw food salad bar ebooks before i leave. the deadline for the giveaway is now tuesday, july 6th at midnight. click here to enter if you haven't already!


in the spirit of july 4th, i leave you with a picture of our civil flag of peace blowing in the breeze. it denotes our jurisdiction - common law (or natural law/the creator's law) - as opposed to military/admiralty/commercial law - the law which governs us today. the horizontal-striped, gold-fringed flag signifies a country at war. 

the first civil flag came about in 1767 when the "sons of liberty" rebelled against the stamp act by turning the british east india company flag on its side; the vertical stripes representing the people's sovereignty from england. it was the flag of the american revolutionaries.
the founding fathers of this country created documents like the declaration of independence and the bill of rights to preserve, in writing, our god-given birthrights, which intended to free the people from oppressive rule. let us all celebrate the true spirit of 1776 this independence day... with liberty and justice for all.=)


  1. loving the bloobs vinaigrette! nice work Kelli!

    And your CSA box looks awesome!!

    So happy for you that you are gonna meet Nelly and Heathy..WOW I wanna come :)

    Yesterday i gave you a shout in my non-holistic practices post :) Those links you sent me about vegan stuff, I posted them in my post so that people could know better, and then do better :) Thank you!!

  2. The yellow squash is so nice! and the purple vinaigrette is gorgeous ♥ so creative!!
    Happy for you ♥ Have fun on your meet up ☺

  3. Wow, your CSA looks amazing!! :) Great looking salads, I love getting a new salad spinner! :) Happy 4th!

  4. yummy blooberry dressing...hehe...i need to try that!!!

    I CAN'T many more days??? 4 sleeps and you're here...i am beyond ecstatic...trying to figure out what to do when you get here...i am TOO excited!!!

    see you soon!

  5. Beautiful salads! You know, I had no idea about a civil flag. I love that idea and I'm so glad to see it flying high. Thanks for teaching me something!

  6. The blueberry dressing looks yum! And lucky you to meet all those lady bloggers! What fun :)

  7. That CSA looks amazing! I love the pattypan squash! Cute salad spinner:)Love those dressings and thanks for showing us the difference it makes adding irish moss!
    Happy belated 4th of July!

  8. Sorry to hear about your laptop, hope it gets back to you soon.

    Thanks for posting your gorgeous salads and veggies! I love blueberry dressing, too, but did you ever look at your purple tongue after eating!!!

    Can't wait to read about your Toronto meet-up...have a great time:)

  9. It all looks so good! Yummy!
    Blessings, Debra
    Vegan Diet Video
    My Blog

  10. I am in absolute awe of the fabulous meals you create as they all look so good both in flavor and from a nutritional standpoint. Too bad you live so far away, we are absolutely loaded with extra salad greens of every kind imaginable this year. We have been eating two big salads a day for ever now and are having a pizza loaded with greens for dinner tonight...yummy.

    Hope you had a great Independence Day!

  11. Those little patty pans sure look cute - and so perfect! And don't you just love salad spinners?! They are a MUST I think. We use it for everything. Those salads look so tasty; I'm really looking forward to Philip's ebook. yay! Creative use of blueberries. Gotta love that! have fun with Nelly and Heathy - so jealous you girls get to meet up but how fun! Enjoy!


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