Monday, June 28, 2010

berry yummy

very berry dreamy...

berry healthy...

kale, chard, banana, apple, blueberries and irish moss

berry creamy...

a variation of heathy's triple berry cake

berry refreshing...

frozen bananas, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, rice milk and vanilla bean

and berry cute!

my niece alaina

the photo has nothing to do with berries, but she's just so berry sweet!



  1. ohhhhh yummmmy!

    guess what i am having for dinner tonight, i have been planning it in my head ALLLLLL day...banana, frozen strawberries, raspberries, black raspberries, blackberries and bloobs...i can't wait...and now i am even more excited seeing this post...

    beautiful creations as always...and your little berry sweet niece totally goes with this post as like you said she is sweet...but her shoes are berry coloured...

    love ya babe...have a beautiful day!

    and thanks for this very sunny post!

  2. Miam!Miam! I am gonna have to make one of these but not the cakes!! few experiments were enough ;=) I am such a cake disaster!;-D

  3. Oh how delicious! I can almost TASTE the summer in these :-)

  4. Wow, great pics, everything looks delicious! And your niece is such a cutie!!

  5. Gorgeous photos, every one of them! Alaina is too adorable:)

  6. I saw the first picture and I was blown away...and then all the others that followed..oh my! Love all the eats. I'm waiting anxiously for bloob season..I'm going to order joke! I love using them over winter:) and of course stuffing your face with them right in the fields is fun too!

  7. ooh and Alaina is so cute:)I have those same shoes..haha!

  8. I think Alaina is the berry cutest.

  9. thanks for your sweet words. hugs and smooches to you all!=)

    nelly bear - your dinner sounds berry delicious! yes - her shoes do match!=)

    hippiemom - i subbed irish moss for lecithin in the triple berry cake. it wouldn't thicken and i had to freeze it, so it wasn't as tasty as it could have been. you live and learn!

    ha melissa! i love bloobs too. alaina HAD to have those crocs. she reminds me often that her favorite color is pink. i have a brown pair and she says my crocs are chocolate.=)

    granny, i agree! (and i was so delighted to see a comment from my favorite gardener!=)

  10. aww, she is so berry sweet, as are you!!!

    Ok so I have batch #1 of kombucha started and it's at day 4 and the baby has formed. And just picked up another scoby from another girl today and starting that one tonite!

    love this purple dessert post. I mean purple + desserts + you = what's not to love!!!

  11. I love berries. So delicious and so healthy! I never tried to "cook" with irish moss. Where do you find it?

  12. Mm- I love berries, I’ve been enjoying my share of mulberries the past weeks, which were free from our neighbors yard! Thanks so much for stopping by my-space!! I had changed the title of the blog- and everything got lost! Anywho- glad you found me! :)

  13. i am addicted to blueberries, a whole box everyday!! that pie looks so yummm and your neice is very cute :-)

  14. Recently discovered how essential blackberry is to anything berry-related. It's definitely the most savory of the berries, and the healthiest with all that fiber and vitamin C. Love it! :)

  15. I love this post! That bright and vibrant purple berry color makes everything look so happy and so summery. The first pie is just incredible, and I think I'd like a slice or two (or three!) right about now. The perfect way to while away a summer afternoon.

  16. Yummmmyyyy girl!!!! I love berries too! You've got my mouth watering!

    (PS - one week!! Eeeks!!!)

  17. The berry cake looks soooo good.:)

  18. Don't you just love the vibrance of berries? I do!

  19. Such a cute post! Your niece is adorable.

    Fresh berries are so good right now..all your berry creations look lovely.

  20. You always make such yummy and beautiful treats! Always so pleasing to the eye...and tastebuds. ;) Your niece is such a cutie! I love baby crocs on kids. I want to get a pair for Caleb.


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