Tuesday, June 8, 2010

an update from biggles

hey, it's me, biggles. mommy's got her hands full gardening, dehydrating, tutoring, baby- and puppy-sitting, so i thought i'd give her a break and fill in like hayden sometimes does for her mommy. yes, i know i'm a cat and hayden is a human, but i pay very close attention to what goes on around here, especially in the garden.=)

daddy built 2 new boxes this year, so now we have 3. he also made another trellis so we can grow cantaloupe and more cucumbers.

it may not look like it, but along with our flowers, there's lots of watering to be done. mommy doesn't like to use the hose, as our city water is full of chemicals, so we got a rain barrel for just 20 bucks on craig's list. now we're just waiting for some rain!

take a peek at what's growing!


black beauty zucchini
this tomato plant's got whiskers, like me!=)

 break o' day or pink ponderosa heirloom tomato

 eggplant blossom

arikara sunflower

cucumber blossoms

and arugula flowers


onto other happenings, we puppy-sat my aunt krista's new puggle, mr. bear. he may stay with us one day a week when his mommy goes to work and school.

i had to swat and hiss at him already. mommy said that wasn't nice of me and that he's just 8 weeks old and doesn't know any better and blah blah blah. i was just teaching him a valuable lesson - never run up to strange animals!

mommy's hoping we warm up to each other. we'll see.

i guess he's kind of cute... when he's sleeping!


lastly, did you hear the nice things heidi had to say about mommy and her blog over at hihorosie's place? she was delighted! heidi is a real sweetie. i hear a lot about her, her hubby sam, their adorable baby ys2, and how many awesome people live in seattle. mommy wishes they were our neighbors, too!=)

not only does heidi have a fun and informative blog, she hosts lots of great giveaways, like free organic wheatgrass powder and a $100 gift certificate to csn stores.

speaking of giveaways, bitt (another sweet seattlelite) is giving away a signed copy of a jennifer cornbleet recipe book plus an adorable apron (edit: deadline is june 12th). does anyone know of some cat treat giveaways?=)

ok, i think that's about it! there's a back-up of food pics, but i'll leave that up to mommy.

sweet dreams!


  1. Your vegs look beautiful. Especially that zuke. Look at it shine! Both of your animals look like such characters. They must make you proud. :)

  2. Awww, Mrs Bigglesworth...it was so nice of you to give your mommy a blogging break:) You are such a smart and beautiful kitty.

    Thank you for showing us all the incredible plants growing in the garden. Mr Bear does look so sweet sleeping, and so do you!

  3. Girlie, your garden is amazing.... those zucchinis are incredible -we are sooo behind up here in the north.
    The puppy is soooo adorable!

  4. Biggles, honey, I have SO much rain I could send your way and fill your shiny new barrel in no time flat.

    Holy Guacamole, are you really in New Jersey? That garden(s) is growing like mad. Ginormous kale! Tomatoes on the vine already! And those zukes? I won't have anything like that for at least another month here.

    That must be some golden soil you've got there. Mrs. Bigglesworth, whatcha been doin' in that garden when no one's looking?

  5. thanks for the garden tour, biggles! love the whiskers on you and the tomato. that pup is pretty cute but you are gorgeous.

  6. Biggles, you had me at "hey." Your mommy's garden is gorgeous and I'm so jealous. Wish ours was like that! The arugula flower beautiful. I know you won't agree but Mr. Puppy (Bear) is super cute - not as cute as you of course. And your mommy is sumpin special which is why she has that award. :) You know that though huh? You may want to remind her that since she mentioned my giveaways she has extra entries if she chooses to post those on my giveaway posts, if she hasn't done it already.

  7. This is too cute for words and I am supremely jealous of your veggie garden!

  8. BIGGLES! I love you. You are the cutest thing ever and I wish you could meet my kitty Twilah, you two might be fast friends!

    What a gorgeous veggie garden, you are so lucky to grow so much of your own food.

    And Mr. Bear is the sweetest boy ever! Be nice to him!

  9. Biggles! You are adorable! Lovely post! That garden is thriving!!!

    Oh my gosh, puggle! I love it!! Such a cutie!!!

  10. Biggles..you are too cute!
    The garden looks fabulous!!! way ahead of mine:)
    I need to get one of those rain barrels too..its been pouring here forever.
    Mr.Bear..oh my gosh so cute:)

  11. biggles your mommy is amazing and so is your dad...i absolutely love your garden, it's thriving!!! and its filled with such amazing veggies...tell your mama i am in awe!!!

    i love your new little cousin, HE IS SOOOOO CUTE...but guess what i think you're a star...you're such a beauty girl!!!!

    hope you had sweet dreams!

  12. your garden is gorgeous! and mr. bear is a cutie pie!

  13. How adorable! I love the blog post. Krista's puppy is soooo cute and your garden looks wonderful. Mine is finally planted. Hopefully it will be a little more successful this year. Hope we talk soon so we can catch up.

  14. thank you ladies. purrs and kisses to you all.

    -mrs. bigglesworth

  15. Very funny :-) Your plants look great and the new boxes to. When you get your rain barrel set up make sure it has a hose or something at the top to drain away from your house. I set up a similar barrel, we got a lot of rain which all ended up in the basement.

  16. Awe...how sweet and beautiful garden pics! Enjoy!

  17. Precious, beautiful and gorgeous!

  18. Mr. Biggles, great post! Thanks for stepping in and giving us a garden update. And be sweet to Mr. Bear :)

  19. I'm so amazed by how well your garden is growing! And by the fact that you are already reaping a harvest. Hope you're enjoying the yumminess!


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