Monday, July 19, 2010

garden visitor and csa goodies

a stunning butterfly stopped by this weekend to dine on our heirloom arikara sunflowers. a handful of flowers bloomed the first full day i was home from toronto. wasn't it sweet of them to wait for me?=)

i'm interested to see what else these beauties will attract! hummingbirds, perhaps?

despite the heatwaves and humidity, summer is my season. there are aspects of each season that i love (the coziness of winter, the crispness of fall, the smell of spring) but the abundance of summer wins my heart. this season feeds my belly and nourishes my soul like no other.=)

behold the bounty i brought home week four of muth family farm's organic csa:

blueberries from another local organic farm, parsley, red onions, basil, kale, collard, red chard, carrots, 12 ears of corn, cherry tomatoes, kohlrabi, purslane, zucchini, heirloom tomato, green tomatoes, cucumbers, and 2 types of eggplant

raw eggplant bacon was created with the smaller round one...

and edgar the eggplant with the knobby one.


i couldn't resist... summer unleashes my inner child!=)

what is your favorite season? (catch me outside on a really hot day and i may say spring!=)


  1. You are so funny with that eggplant. I have been meaning to ask you how the Muth family farn is. It looks like it is a hit. I loved looking at your pictures from your trip. So glad you had fun!

  2. Beautiful picture of the butterfly! We have a butterfly bush in front of our house and I see a ton of them everyday! I wish I could snap a shot like that! :)

    Love the eggplant face..too funny!

    My favorite season is FALL!!! I love it!

  3. Beautiful flowers, and nice haul from the CSA ... and Edgar cracks me up!

  4. Love Edgar! How funny :-) Beautiful sunflowers (and butterfly). Sadly, my garden is lacking both this year.

  5. girlie guess what happened to me was the most amazing thing...a monarch butterfly decided to fly over and rest on the top of my head...john wanted to take a pic...but she ended up flying was so sweet.

    i love summer too. love the abundance of local veggies and fruits and berries...and just the beauty of the sun and all the animals coming out to play...

    miss you.

  6. What a gorgeous butterfly!!!
    I need to get me a CSA! That's a lot of veggies.
    Love Edgar too LOL!
    PS I love summer tummy is always happy during this time:)

  7. Gorgeous butterfly! Lovely shot you got. And I love the bounty too.

    Cute eggplant person. Have you seen the books play with your food?

  8. Gorgeous butterfly, flowers, and food. Edgar is so funny, you have a great imagination!

  9. Beautiful and yummy photo's! Enjoy!

  10. What a stunning butterfly! Love Edgar...too cute! :) Your CSA bounty is incredible..lot's of yummies!mmm!

  11. Swallowtail, right? We use to raise butterflies in our yard. We did it for fun and counted it as the kids homeschool science project as well. Gotta love it.
    Amazing photo.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  12. Beautiful butterfly! The eggplant bacon looks great too... and Edgar is (was?) quite the handsome chap;)

  13. HAHA! Love Edgar! You have to start working on what we were talking about the other day.I'm sure Edgar would love to participate. Beautiful pics! Can't wait for wednesday afternoon! love your blog. Always puts a smile on my face!!! XOXOXO

  14. Loving Edgar! :) And all the delicious fresh produce from your CSA. Amazing. I've just bought a juicer and am racing through the contents of my fridge as a result. Loving it though, and I've missed beetroot in my diet. x

  15. hahahaha! Edgar is a hoot! Your CSA stash looks fantastic too! And oh, you're so lucky to have that gorgeous butterfly visit you and your beautiful sunflower. AMAZING!


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