Tuesday, July 20, 2010

coconut bliss review and a free pint giveaway

the lovely beings at luna and larry's organic coconut bliss sent me three coupons for free pints of their organic coconut-based, animal-friendly ice cream! woohoo!

perfect timing, as ice cream and other cold treats are in order this time of year. it's so uncomfortably hot and humid around my way that even edgar prefers hanging out in the fridge!

edgar says, 'it's gross out!'

so john and i picked up a pint of vanilla island (my choice) and chocolate hazelnut fudge (his choice) which was available at our local whole foods. (chocolate peanut butter and cherry amaretto sounded very tempting, as well. next time!=)

creamy coconutty heaven

it is agreed that both flavors are fantastic! i like the chocolate hazelnut fudge better, which is funny because i don't usually care for chocolate ice cream! it's just so perfectly sweet and chocolatey, with a welcoming hint of creamy coconut... and the pools of fudge - divine!

john was a big fan of both, especially the vanilla. he loved the way the coconut complimented the vanilla bean. the coconut flavor for me was nice and creamy, but it took away from the classic vanilla bean taste. being the vanilla aficionado that i am, the search remains for the perfect dairy-free vanilla bean ice cream.=)

what i love about luna and larry's is that their coconut milk comes from an organic family-owned farm in thailand. i also love the story of the company's inception, which you can read here.

since we love you and wish for you to experience coconut bliss, we've decided to give away one of our coupons for a free pint of luna and larry's organic bliss. the winner will also recieve the adorable bliss storybook and a sticker (not pictured).

want to enter?

simply leave one comment below telling me which flavor of luna and larry's organic coconut bliss you would choose with the coupon.

(click here for a list of flavors and check here to be sure it is carried in your area.)

the winner will be picked tomorrow night at midnight (wednesday, july 21st at 12pm est) by mr. random number generator.

happy entering!



  1. I’d go for the chocolate peanut butter... just because I’m completely addicted to peanut butter.. :) Glad you had so much fun in Toronto!

  2. I'd go for the cherry amaretto, for sure!

  3. Hi kelli:
    Totally love ur blog and follow it,havent written ever though...loved edgar so cute btw
    would love to try their choc hazelnut fudge.I love their coconut bars too..
    I live in Nj too so I totally understand when u say how hot,humid and gross it is now...:(

  4. I would LOVE to try the chocolate hazelnut fudge or the almond fudge! YUM :)

  5. Oh wow...great giveaway! I would choose the choc hazelnut fudge..mmm! thank you! Enjoy!

  6. hi beautiful! I would take choc PB i think...so many good ones! Anyway wanted to tell you that I just posted about an oak barrel i got for my 'booch making. Girl, I am serious about it and am LOVING the homemade brew. And I feel like you were a huge mentor for me and help and just wanted to say i heart you :)

  7. Oh yay! I have been seeing Coconut Bliss pop up on many a blog lately but somehow keep forgetting to purchase it. It's so hard to choose which flavor, but I think I'd go with mint galactica cause mint chocolate chip was my all time childhood fave! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  8. chris votes for choc hazelnut fudge. yum!

  9. of course the italian in john would pick the hazelnut fudge...it's kinda like nutella ice cream...it's definitely my fave!!

    but i would love love to try the choco pb and the mint galactica...but i haven't seen either flavour in toronot...makes me so sad!!!


  10. Omgosh! Coconut Bliss is my new obsession since trying it on vay k! Cherry Amaretto would be my pick! Mmm! ;P

  11. haha...i wrote toronot...DUH!!!

  12. chocolate peanut butter for the hubby...he digs peanut butter like crazy.
    PS I agree, all life is precious!

  13. i would choose Naked Coconut...sounds divine!

  14. I love that ice cream! Chocolate peanut butter is my fav!!!

  15. I'm glad you enjoyed both flavors!
    Nelly I am sorry to report that the coupons that I sent Kelli do not work on Canada. We're working on getting some that do but it's been a very slow going process. We also do not have the Chocolate PB & Mint Galatica in Canada, we launched with 6 flavors as we were had no idea how we were going to be received in the market. We're looking at which flavors to release next and so far the Mint Galatica has the been getting a lot of requests.

  16. Awww...you are so sweet sharing the love:)

    After reading your great review, I would like to try the chocolate hazelnut fudge.

    Thanks for the giveaway, sweetie!

  17. ****the giveaway is open til 12 AM midnight, not pm like i wrote in the post! (doh!)****

    thanks for entering!=)

  18. humm, tough decision....I adore them all...but if I had to choose right now, I'd be in a naked coconut mood

  19. I love all the flavors I've tried so far, but I haven't checked out the cherry amaretto yet, so that would be my choice!

  20. Hey Sweet Pea!!
    Toronto misses you - come back soon :)

    I would definitely go for vanilla island - I'm such a vanilla girl!!


  21. I love Luna and Larry's!!!! YUmmm, wish I could get it around here!!!

    Big huggies to you girlie!!! MIss you!


  22. Ooh, choc PB or choc hazelnut fudge for me!

    amber4d AT gmail DOT com

  23. Hi Kelli,
    Last week I got the free coupon!!! Still so excited that I won, it are the little things in life :)
    Well, I went downtown and picked out the flavor I wanted the family to try. I will be posting about it this week and will of course leave a link back to your blog!! Thanks again.
    By the way, I really LOVED it. I will now make my raw ice kreams w/ coconut milk.
    Peace and Raw Health,


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